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IEEE14bus.zip - IEEE 14 bus in PSCAD,2018-07-07 22:58:31,下载7次
pm_machine_wind.zip - permanent magnetic machine wind turbine model PSCAD,2018-07-07 22:57:11,下载4次
Electric_Arc_Furnace.zip - arc furnace in PSCAD,2018-07-07 22:55:25,下载4次
3M 9BUS.zip - 3 machines 9 bus model PSCAD,2018-07-07 22:52:40,下载4次
type3_windfarm.zip - wind farm model in PSCAD,2018-07-07 22:49:26,下载7次

l-Passivity-Based-Robust-Adaptive-Control.rar - Note that the energy-regenerative current is directly proportional to the motor speed and the braking torque. Hence, if the rider brakes his EV at a high speed, the surge current of the energy regeneration will damage the battery at the braking transient.
INDIRECT-ADAPTIVE.rar - Abstract-This paper proposes an adaptive robust fuzzy controller for the tracking problem of a class of uncertain nonlinear MIMO systems. The control signal is comprised of two parts. One part is an adaptive fuzzy controller which approximates the system unknown functions using an interval type-2 fuzzy approximator. The other part is an H∞ based controller that is applied to attenuate the effect of disturbance and approximation error. Moreover, it is assumed that only output variables are measurable. Therefore, a state observer is carried out to estimate the system states. To illustrate the effectiveness and resilience behavior of the proposed controller, simulation results for a two DOF robotic manipulator are presented.
robust adaptive control.zip - 鲁棒自适应控制matlab仿真 以及实例,非常适合初学者学习
Robust--control.zip - Distributed Robust Adaptive Frequency Regulation of Power Grid with Renewable Integration. Simulations on the IEEE PES Distribution 37 bus test feeder topology are conducted to demonstrate the ectiveness of the proposed controllers.
direct-method-for-robust-adaptive-control.rar - direct robust control of inverted pendulum using neural network
Sta_1989.zip - matlab求解含有时间延迟的微分方程 (含有adaptive robust control)
robust-adaptive-control.rar - 一种基于鲁棒自适应的机器人PD控制,由非线性PD反馈和补偿控制两部分组成。
mn4op8.ZIP - 一类非线性系统模糊自适应鲁棒控制A class of nonlinear systems based on fuzzy adaptive robust control
E42.zip - Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Control of a UPFC Power Flow Compensator
Adaptive_Robust_Control.rar - Adaptive and Robust control theory
adaptive_robust_pid_control.rar - 该算法为基于PD增益自适应调节的PID控制 用MATlab开发,能够管直接运行
RobustlyImplementationoftheAdaptiveInverseControl. - This paper addresses the issues relating to the enforcement of robust stability when implementing the Adaptive Inverse Control (AIC) scheme. In this scheme, an adaptive FIR filter is added to a closed-loop system in order to reduce the output error caused by external disturbances, enhancing the performance achieved by linear time-invariant controllers alone.
Optimal dispatching of microgrid_Cplex.zip - Matlab+YALMIP+CPLEX解决带储能的微电网优化调度问题,以微电网运行成本最小为目标函数,约束条件包含蓄电池SOC约束、交换功率约束、功率平衡等约束,本程序已在Matlab 2015b平台,yalmip version:20171121 CPLEX version:12.8教育版 验证成功
Thesis_final.rar - SMART DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM AUTOMATION: NETWORK RECONFIGURATION AND ENERGY MANAGEMENT Smart distribution system automation is the key to realizing a highly reconfigurable, reliable, flexible and active distribution system. Automated network reconfiguration including restoration is the most studied area in distribution automation, and it contributes to power loss minimization, voltage improvement and also can enable the distribution network to respond to contingencies and changes happened in the grid. Distributed energy resources at the customer premises, energy storage systems and plugin electric vehicles are indispensable parts of future smart distribution systems
PV_Battery_Vf_Model.zip - 光伏发电储能系统平抑光波动,储能设备为蓄电池
grid energy storage battery.rar - grid energy storage battery simulation matlab
Rectifier_working.rar - bidirectional rectifier or inverter used to convert dc power to ac power
DAB.zip - 电力电子DAB(dual active bridge)拓扑的闭环仿真
DC_DC_PWM-RECTIFIER1.rar - DAB型全桥DC-DC变换器与3相PWM型变换器级联仿真,可用于充放电系统及新能源领域,实现能量的双向流动。
tphfidcdcc_MatlabSimulink.zip - Three phase high frequency isolated DC-DC converter (published in ELSEVIER)is simulated under symmetrical open loop control. It provides Low voltage conversion ratio, isolation, good regulation with fast dynamic response.