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上传列表 - It is a class that can generate barcode 39. It contain a demo to show the basic element to use the class. It can be use even a beginer. It can be draw on form, printer, and picture. I am post the example to it because I don't have barcode reader to test the barcode that has been generated.(no money, >,<....) It is part of my assignment. However, I have check the barcode "line" with the pay money barcode activeX , and it appear correct for all the charater. It is runable and 100% complete.,2018-07-02 14:45:44,下载0次 - This project demonstrates database manipulation through ADO. It is a complete application in itself. Thanks and credit goes to LaVolpe for his magnificent buttons that I used in the project. This is my first submission to this great site and I hope you could learn something from it. Please give your comments and suggestions so that I could improve it and hopefully upload a version 2 of this project.,2018-07-02 14:26:48,下载1次 - Allows teachers and students to login. (To login the first time use user ID: system999 and password: sys99 - you will be logged in as a teacher and then you can create teacher login accounts). Teachers are allowed to create and edit tests and test banks, create and edit student accounts, and print tests and keys, and print test scores. Students will be allowed to take tests online and have their tests graded, along with changing their passwords.,2018-07-02 14:23:39,下载0次 - Fox-Info v 1.1 UPDATED VERSION, this software shows you a lot of informations about your computer:|||| System Info: Processor name, number of processors of your computer, system drive path, wan ip address, local ip address, screen resolution, operating system, total physical memory, available physical memory, total paging file, available paging file, number of running programs, printer name and your DirectX version.|||| Computer Profile: Computer up-time, computer name, current username and a lot of other regional informations.|||| Drives Space: Shows you for each drive on your computer his : (Name, Type, Total size, Free space and Used space).|||| Processes: Shows you all your processes running on your computer, the options "Terminate Selected Process" is now available.,2018-07-02 14:18:29,下载0次 - Convert Database to XML. this code use classes. you just have to put the database file and the program will show table from your database. put the Query, the record result will shown in xml.,2018-07-02 14:17:10,下载0次 - Windows API/Global Declarations for :[ Digital Clock v1.0 ],2018-07-02 14:13:30,下载0次

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