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近期下载 - Abaqus 输出矩阵的方法 输出单元刚度矩阵和总刚度矩阵的方法技巧
Abaqus Python开发使用指南.rar - 本书详细介绍了Python语言基础知识、Python语言与Abaqus脚本接口的关系以及编写脚本实现各种功能,包括快速建模、访问输出数据库、对外部数据进行其他后处理和部分高级处理功能。通过大量的实例脚本和详细的注释,为读者提供编写、调试脚本和开发专有模块的方法,帮助读者提高解决复杂问题的能力。
M-C_by_Johan_Clausen.rar - 摩尔库伦模型abaqus umat子程序 有5个参数输入E nu coh friction dilation
AbaqusStandard+1.1.22+UEL子程序.zip - 基于ABAQUS的非线性有限元分析,用户可以通过自身需求定义非线性单元,使用户自定义单元子程序可满足更多计算需求。
UEL_HELP.rar - abaqus编辑用户自定义单元(UEL)时的帮助文件
user-subroutines-l7-uel.rar - Abaqus 用户单元子程序UEL Fortran程序开发
abaqus-uel-cohesive-subroutine.rar - abaqus-uel cohesive subroutine
seperate.rar - Abaqus subroutine with traction separation law. - The seminar will discuss how the extended finite element method (XFEM) is implemented and used in the commercially available finite element software ABAQUS with focus on crack propagation modeling. XFEM is a recent addition to ABAQUS that allows the crack geometry to be independent of the part mesh. This is quite useful for analyzing crack growth because it bypasses the need to re-mesh the crack tip region for every crack growth increment. The concepts of level set method, phantom node approach, and cohesive segments method, which are required for XFEM modeling, will also be discussed. Further the implementation of user subroutine to implement user required damage criteria will be discussed. Open discussions about any XFEM related issue will follow
cohesive element模拟复合材料损伤-VUMAT.rar - ABAQUS扩展子程序开发,用于计算模拟
UMAT_Damage.rar - abaqus有限元软件umat(damage)
UMAT-Example.rar - 一个drucker prager模型的 的用户子程序,用于求解平面应变问题 abaqus UMAT and inp
drucker-prager.rar - abaqus drucker-prager UMAT字程序 - Mohr-Coulomb soil abaqus umat