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1800.2-2017.zip - 最新版 IEEE UVM standard
SystemVerilog IEEE Std 1800-2012.zip - SystemVerilog IEEE Std 1800-2012
vhdl-2008-just-the-new-stuff-systems-on-silicon.r - VHDL is defined by IEEE Standard 1076, IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual (the VHDL LRM). The original standard was approved in 1987. IEEE procedures require that standards be periodically reviewed and either reaffirmed or revised. The VHDL standard was revised in 1993, 2000, and 2002. In each revision, new language features were added and some existing features enhanced. The aim in each revision was to improve the language as a tool for design and verification of digital systems. Since the 2002 revision, there have two parallel efforts to further develop the language. The first was the VHDL Procedural Interface (VHPI) Task Force, a subcommittee of the IEEE P1076 Working Group. The VHPI Task Force prepared an interim amendment to the standard, formally approved by IEEE in March 2007. The amendment is titled IEEE 1076c, Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual—Amendment 1: Procedural Language Application Interface.
IEEE_1076-2008.zip - IEEE standard VHDL 1076-2008
verilog-ieee.rar - The Verilog ¤ Hardware Description Language (HDL) is defined in this standard. Verilog HDL is a formal notation intended for use in all phases of the creation of electronic systems. Because it is both machine readable and human readable, it supports the development, verification, synthesis, and testing of hardware designs the communication of hardware design data and the maintenance, modification, and procurement of hardware. The primary audiences for this standard are the implementors of tools supporting the language and advanced users of the language. Keywords: computer, computer languages, digital systems, electronic systems, hardware, hardware description languages, hardware design, HDL, PLI, programming language interface, Verilog HDL, Verilog PLI, Verilog ¤
pli1.rar - Pli verilog编程接口说明书,使用此说明书既可以学习如何调用使用Pli接口对程序进行编程。
VerilPLI.zip - Complete about verilog PLI
getPDF.jsp.zip - 非常好用verilog PLI资料,感觉非常有用,讲解清楚,调理清晰,难得的好资料
verilog_pli.rar - pli函数在verilog中大量应用,但介绍pli的资料并不多,压缩包中的文档是我搜集的pli的资料,希望有对你有帮助。