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article - In this paper, we use two DC/DC boost-buck converters powered a direct current motor. The boost converter ensures an energy flux for an ideal operation of the vehicle even in case of battery voltage drop. The buck converter his role is to controls and drives the electric motor,2020-03-28 03:17:55,下载0次
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Matlab-2016b-Win64-Crack.rar - MATLAB 2016RB破解工具包,很好用,亲测好用。 - 对VSC-HVDC系统进行暂态仿真,实现对VSC-HVDC系统的动态稳定性分析
32392187HVDC_final.rar - 实现VSC并网控制,直流输电,整流和逆变侧输出电压平稳,直流功率恒定 - North of Norway has extremely good conditions for wind power generation. As the existing main grid will not be able to integrate all the wind parks, the alternative to build a new corridor with multi-terminal HVDC Light North of Norway to Middle of Norway, is under study. HVDC Light is more and more concerned recently to improve power system stability due to its supreme controllability. The thesis will be directed towards investigating the possible problems to be encountered in an HVDC Light installation. A platform for the control of HVDC Light based on the vector control principle will be first established. With a good understanding of this control platform, the model will then be tested under several circuit conditions, to test the capability and robustness of the controller to handle these situations. - Given these two interests for HVDC in the Norwegian offshore, the use of Multiterminal HVDC (MTDC) is a potential solution for the integration of the wind farms and oil/gas platforms into the onshore grid. Control systems for multiterminal HVDC (MTDC) networks should be developed and their operation be analyzed. First controllers for two-terminal HVDC connected to different types of AC grids must be developed and analyzed. Then this must be extended to develop control of multiterminal HVDC system. Models should be developed in PSCAD/EMTDC simulation software and results should be analyzed to validated proposed control schemes.
Windfarm15MW.rar - Offshore wind farm simulation - simulink code - grid synchronous generator and load pmsg - pmsg sart up and excitation - WIND GENERATOR USING INDUCTION MACHINE AND CONTROL BY USING FUZZY LOGIC - 风力发电;永磁直驱同步发电机;功率最大追踪;模糊-PID 控制
Wind_turbine_with_MPPT.rar - Simpowersystem file of a Wind turbine based PMSG with two back to back inverters - PMSG 风力发电 MPPT控制 仿真例子 - pmsg FOR ISOLATED use
pmsg-based-wind-turbine.rar - pmsg driving by wind turbine - PMSG网侧的结构包括逆变器、PWM发生器、电压矢量控制。采用电压外环和电流内环的双闭环控制。设计电流控制器时,希望稳态电流无静差,而且动态要求上,永磁直驱风力发电系统中不允许在电流调节过程中有太大的电流超调. - This paper represents the modeling and simulation of 2 MW Direct Drive PMSG Wind energy conversion system (WECS). The modelling of wind turbine and PMSG is carried out in simulink to determine its parameter. WECS consists different components namely Wind turbine, Generator, rectifier-inverter, controller system including transformer, grid etc. The PMSG and converter model are established in the d-q model. Keywords: PMSG, WECS, Wind turbine, rectifier, inverter, MATLAB/SIMLINK, transformer, Grid - PMSG风力发电仿真模型,可以进行风力发电系统的风能追踪模拟和变桨距控制 - PMSG based Wind Power Generation System
MSAP.rar - simulink of PMSG with matlab