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CS_SignalRecovery_SourceCode.tar.gz - ou may be interested in using only the CS Nesterov reconstruction routine (e.g. to include it in your own project). First, you should include in your C++ project the following header files: newmat.h newmatap.h newmatio.h nesta.h and call the method: "Nesterov(A,y)" "A" is a C++ object of type "Matrix" and "y" is another object of type "ColumnVector". The method returns another object of type "ColumnVector" which contains the solution of the minimization problem: argmin |s|_l1 s.t. y = As See our publications for further information on the Nesterov optimization method and on how that is used within our data gathering system for WSNs. Further information on the object types and their usage, see the documentation of the library "newmat_lib" (included in this package in a subdir),2018-09-23 04:07:45,下载2次
60485.zip - Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution,2018-09-23 03:54:26,下载0次
Compressive-Sensing-Project-master.zip - Compressive-Sensing-Project using decision tree for feature selection and neural network classifier,2018-09-23 03:46:09,下载0次
WSN_Signal_Models.zip - Description: wireless sensor network emulation detection of the source code, and some simple experimental results analysis data,2018-09-23 03:41:49,下载1次
SolarStat.zip - compressive sensing encrypting,2018-09-23 03:40:07,下载0次

人脸识别.zip - 人脸识别因其在安全验证系统、信用卡验证、医学、档案管理、视频会 议、人机交互、系统公安(罪犯识别等)等方面的巨大应用前景而越来越成为 当前模式识别和人工智能领域的一个研究热点。
wordconverter_f.rar - In wireless sensor network,cluster algorithm of nodes is all effective approach and key technology to implement energy saving and flexible management.To improve security and lifetime of clustering network,a secure clustering was pro— posed based on the random and parallel cluster header election algorithm and pre—distributed key scheme.In hypothetical network model
Bank Locker.rar - Bank security with Biometric Attendance System
Untitled3.rar - 室内环境的人体感应是物联网应用在安保、智能家居、节能环保方面的关键问题,近年来多普勒雷达体制的微波人体感应器作为一种高性能的室内人体传感器成为了一种热门的解决方案。微波人体感应器以雷达体制主动发射微波信号,探测回波中由目标人体产生的多普勒,输出触发信号。 国内外现有微波开关面临的主要问题是静止人体目标检测。本项目系统检测人体呼吸心跳微信息,拟通过长时间累积和滤波器提取微多普勒信息检测动目标。
Sharath-Yadav.rar - Blended substitution attack independent Fuzzy Vault for fingerprint template security with error correcting codes
Home-Security-System-12-08-28.zip - 用matlab编写的家庭安全监控系统,运用无线网络摄像头,同软件实时监控家庭实际情况。
data-security-(manet).rar - data security in manet using key generation technique. it encodes & decodes the data to be transmitted
Cristy-video-data-hiding-code.zip - Recently, digital multimedia has become widely distributed in computer and network technology. For digital multimedia distribution applications, issues surrounding information security have received significant attention. Data hiding has been one of most researched issues in information security. In this paper, reversible video data hiding based on neighborhood similarity is proposed. Prediction encoding was used to compute the prediction errors. All prediction errors were explored to develop a histogram-based reversible video data hiding algorithm. The results show that the proposed approach has a higher capacity and similar embedding distortion compared with other related schemes. Also, the original video frame could be recovered after the hidden information was extracted.
WWWWW.rar - We propose a protocol for secure mining of association rules in horizontally distributed s. The current leading protocol is that of Kantarcioglu and Clifton [18]. Our protocol, like theirs, is based on the Fast Distributed Mining (FDM) algorithm of Cheung et al. [8], which is an unsecured distributed version of the Apriori algorithm. The main ingredients in our protocol are two novel secure multi-party algorithms—one that computes the union of private subsets that each of the interacting players hold, and another that tests the inclusion of an element held by one player in a subset held by another. Our protocol offers enhanced privacy with respect to the protocol in [18]. In addition, it is simpler and is significantly more efficient in terms of communication rounds, communication cost and computational cost.
kdd99 Intrusion detection.rar - 基于kmeans的异常检测算法,数据集是kddcup99
20686575improvedGA.rar - % Genetic Algorithm of First Generation % Dentation funciton: % max f(x1,x2) = 21.5 + x1*sin(4*pi*x1) + x2*sin(20*pi*x2) % -3.0 <= x1 <= 12.1 % 4.1 <= x2 <= 5.8 % Init value definiation Pexch = 0.25 ; % 交叉概率 Pmigt = 0.10 ; % 变异概率 Mgen = 10 ; % 种群规模 % Step 1 : Initial Genic Ugen = fix(rands(Mgen,33)+1) ; a = (12.1 + 3.0)/2^18 ; b
51653796DEMC.rar - The characteristics of network intrusion detection are of high dimensionality and exist. Some redundant features lead to slow network intrusion detection rate and detection rate.
Manual-addition-IDS-Drive-Z.pdf.zip - Manual-addition-IDS-Drive-Z
owo_newton.zip - neural ids on matlab
IDScode.rar - IDS project code implemented in java
panoptis-0.1.4.tar.gz - Panoptis计划建立一个网络安全工具(NIDS)来发现和阻止DoS和DDoS攻击。是用C++实现,采集路由器提供的相关信息。
ArithmetiqueCrypto.rar - 黑客攻击与防范 黑客常用的攻击步骤可以说变幻莫测,但纵观其整个攻击过程,还是有一定规律可循的,一般可以分:攻击前奏、实施攻击、巩固控制、继续深入几个过程。 目前比较流行的网络级安全防范措施是使用专业防火墙+入侵检测系统(IDS)为企业内部网络构筑一道安全屏障。防火墙可以有效地阻止有害数据的通过,而IDS 则主要用于有害数据的分析和发现,它是防火墙功能的延续。2者联动,可及时发现并减缓DoS、DDoS 攻击,减轻攻击所造成的损失。
Network Intrusion Detection final 2.rar - network intrusion detection