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Delphi DCR.rar - Demo and sourcecode OCR recognize text.,2018-11-09 15:10:27,下载1次
My code WS21.zip - Use webservice form babelfish.,2018-11-09 14:50:57,下载0次
DemoShowFont1.zip - Source code show font in ListView with Delphi.,2018-11-09 12:39:08,下载0次
MyFormShaper1.zip - Create Vary Form with delphi.,2018-11-09 12:36:09,下载0次
my star weep game with code.zip - My starweep game delphi with source code,2018-11-09 12:27:23,下载0次

student.zip - 大学生宿舍管理,带数据库,d7开发,便于新手快速入门
Delphi7高级应用开发随书源码.zip - Delphi7高级应用开发随书源码
Delphi7_component_creation.rar - Component Writer’s Guid Overview of component creation This chapter provides an overview of component design and the process of writing components for Delphi applications. The material here assumes that you are familiar with Delphi and its standard components. • Class library • Components and classes • Creating components • What goes into a component? • Creating a new component • Testing uninstalled components • Testing installed components • Installing a component on the Component palette For information on installing new components, see “Installing component packages” on page 16-10 of the Developer’s Guide.
Delphi---The-Tomes-of-Delphi---Basic-32-Bit-Commu - Delphi - The Tomes of Delphi - Basic 32-Bit Communications Programming
1marco_cantu_object_pascal_handbook.zip - Object pascal handbook by Marco Cantu
DCD3C.zip - Ray Konopka Developing custom delphi 3 components
HighPerformanceDelphi.rar - High Performance Delphi 3 Programming
Pawe? G?owacki-Expert Delphi-Packt (2017).zip - Expert Delphi book by Pawel Glowac
encrypt text file using DES algorythm.zip - DES Encrypt Text File
Delphi2010语法手册.rar - Delphi 编程资料:Delphi 2010 语法手册。
DBISAM 4 ADD.RAR - Database System Utility code dbisam 4.44 This utility allows the developer or end user to create, browse, update, restructure, search, query, and print DBISAM tables from a convenient and easy-to-use interface. This utility can be password-protected to ensure that is accessible by only those that require this level of access to the data.
delphi_book2.rar - delphi soruce code book
基于SQL的数据库编程.zip - 完成Delphi数据库的SQL编程实例,Borland Delphi 7.0
sqlite_encryption_pragma.rar - sqllite encryp delphi lazarus free pascal