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open_org_field_guide_1_2_1.zip - ess than a year later, they did. The Open Organization Field Guide: Practical Tips for Igniting Passion and Performance is a community-produced companion to Whitehurst's initial thoughts on the future of work, management, and leadership. Licensed for sharing and modification under a Creative Commons license, the book collects cutting-edge ideas about the ways open source values are changing the ways we work, manage, and lead.,2019-02-12 01:43:27,下载0次
open_org_leaders_manual_2_1_1.zip - how to be a leader with confidence and good manners this is all,2019-02-12 01:40:57,下载0次
open_org_workbook_1_04.zip - ll part of an ongoing conversation about the challenges we face in transformative, fast-moving, and uncertain times,2019-02-12 01:39:29,下载0次
organize_for_innovation_1_1.zip - he explains how leaders everywhere can begin rethinking how they utilize data, approach failure, structure teams, and set goals,2019-02-12 01:38:45,下载0次
Writing Idiomatic Python.zip - You're Not Writing Pythonic Code. But You Could Be. Are you even sure what "Pythonic" code is? Writing Idiomatic Python will have you writing professional, "Pythonic" code in hours.,2019-02-12 01:36:51,下载0次
mementopython3-english.zip - this is a cheatsheet of the most comon commands of python 3. it can be used for python 2 too,2019-02-12 01:34:37,下载0次
10000 Chinese characters.zip - this is a documents where the mos common chineses characteres are shown,2019-02-12 01:33:18,下载0次

CAA.zip - 此资料主要讲解catia用C++的二次开发,主要为CAA基本构架及基本的工具条对话框的构建
CATIA CAA MANUAL BY Savier.zip - catia二次开发基础教程,讲解二次开发基础知识
CATIA二次开发入门练习.rar.rar - Catia CAA CATIA二次开发入门练习 新手适用
CAA_V5_For_CATIA.zip - CATIA开发教程。新手用户根据该教程,可以进行简单的二次开发。
CATIA-VBA二次开发入门与提高.rar - 用于CATIA软件二次开发VBA基础教程
链接CATIA.rar - 本程序用链接CATIA,通过该程序能都打开CATIA。可以将程序设置为通用模板
SuchenErsetzenImProduktbaum_mit_Datei.rar - catia 自动重命名工具,再不需要另存文档了
Drawing_Titleblock_Sample3.rar - catia fram file script
当CATIA遇到Python.zip - 基于 Python的CATIA二次开发,可以生成零件集合体。
KnowledgeAdvisor.rar - CATIA 知识工程教程 很好用的教程,下载吧
CATIAsecond_development.rar - CATIA二次开发技术基础含光盘CATIA的二次开发
CATIAVB.rar - CATIA二次开发,vb开发CATIA,需要的尽情下载,无需注册。