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wahba.zip - The code for solving Wahba's problem,2019-04-16 05:51:42,下载0次
ataiya-kdtree-8528bbc.zip - kdtree provides a minimalistic implementation of kd-tree. The implementation can be used either inside MATLAB by means of MEX calls, or as a standalone tool, directly from a C/C++ program. The image on the website has been creaed with "fulltest.m" This implementation offers the following functionalities: - kdtree_build: k-d tree construction O( n log^2(n) ) - kdtree_delete: frees memory allocated by kdtree - kdtree_nearest_neighbor: nearest neighbor query (for one or more points) - kdtree_k_nearest_neighbors: kNN for a single query point - kdtree_range_query: rectangular range query - kdtree_ball_query: queries samples withing distance delta from a point IMPORTANT NOTE: as Matlab offers a kdtree I have lost interest in maintaining this code.,2019-04-16 05:48:54,下载0次
svg.rar - This repository provides Matlab code to load the content of an SVG file into a simple Matlab structure (*loadSVG.m*), to save a Matlab structure containing polygons and images into a SVG file (*saveSVG.m*) and a function to dislay this structure in a Matlab figure (*plotSVG.m*). It is possible to edit the polygons interactively within a matlab figure using plotSVG with *true* as the second argument.,2019-04-16 05:46:04,下载0次
grabit.rar - % GRABIT starts a GUI program for extracting data from an image file. % It is capable of reading in BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF, and PNG files (anything % that is readable by IMREAD). Multiple data sets can be extracted from a % single image file, and the data is saved as an n-by-2 matrix variable in % the workspace. It can also be renamed and saved as a MAT file.,2019-04-16 05:43:57,下载0次
code3.2.1.zip - Caltech Pedestrian Detection Benchmark,2019-04-16 05:40:57,下载0次

Modran4-and-specification.zip - 大气透过率分析计算软件,较新版本,分辨率高,附带中英文说明,使用方便,很有用的
PcModWin-3.7.rar - 大气辐射传输软件PcModWin3.7,基于Fortran开发,包含MODTRAN模式和LOWTRAN模式。压缩包内包含软件本体、说明书及示例视频。
Modran4.rar - 大气透过率计算软件MODTRAN副本4,同时可以计算背景辐射