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cypher physical system.rar - This paper supports developers in identifying the implications of using TPMs on the dependability of their system.WehighlightpotentialconsequencesofaddingTPMsto cyber-physical systems by considering the resulting safety, reliability, and availability. Furthermore, we discuss the potential of enhancing the dependability of TPM services by applying traditional redundancy techniques.,2019-06-13 14:56:30,下载0次
ecc.rar - This paper analyzes the cryptography scheme of the Trust Platform Model(TPM). The focus of the discussion would be the comparison of elliptic curve cryptography and the nowadays widely used 2048-bit RSA in evaluating which would be better suited to be used on TPM. A TPM implementation scheme based on ECC is proposed, which includes encryption and decryption schemes, signature and verification scheme, key agreement scheme. Corresponding examples of TPM commands would also be given.,2019-06-13 14:53:45,下载0次
remote attestation.rar - To cancel the lower-frequency portions of the noise, noise-cancelling headphones use active noise control. They incorporate a microphone that measures ambient sound, generate a waveform that is the exact negative of the ambient sound, and mix it with any audio signal the listener desires.,2019-06-13 14:51:51,下载0次
mix_columns.rar - active noise control (ANC), also known as noise cancellation, or active noise reduction (ANR), is a method for reducing unwanted sound by the addition of a second sound specifically designed to cancel the first.,2019-06-13 14:50:27,下载0次
barrelshift.rar - An arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is a digital circuit used to perform arithmetic and logic operations. It represents the fundamental building block of the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer. Modern CPUs contain very powerful and complex ALUs,2019-06-13 14:39:29,下载0次