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Themida - Winlicense Ultra Unpacker14 yildo.rar - Themida - Winlicense Ultra Unpacker 1.4 yildo,2019-10-14 18:57:04,下载0次
Themida - Winlicense Ultra Unpacker 1.1.rar - Themida - Winlicense Ultra Unpacker 1.1,2019-10-14 18:55:00,下载0次
Themida - Winlicense Ultra Unpacker 1.0.rar - Themida - Winlicense Ultra Unpacker 1.0,2019-10-14 18:54:12,下载0次
VMProtect Ultra Unpacker 1.0.rar - VMProtect Ultra Unpacker 1.0,2019-10-14 18:45:41,下载4次
Themida Imports Fixer .rar - Themida - Winlicense 1.x - 2.x Imports Fixer Edition 1.0 by SnD,2019-10-14 18:40:20,下载0次
ARImpRec.rar - ARImpRec.dll for themida,2019-10-14 18:37:49,下载2次
TheMida WinLicense CRC Fixer 1.0.rar - TheMida WinLicense CRC Fixer 1.0,2019-10-14 18:36:20,下载1次
Themida - Winlicense Ultra Unpacker 1.4.rar - thanks to ic-af for writhing very nice scripts,2019-10-14 18:30:36,下载1次
Themida - Winlicense Ultra Unpacker 1.3.rar - USE FOR THEMIDA UNPAKING,2019-10-14 18:28:15,下载0次

ALADDIN.rar - hasp emulator aladdin srm
Vdevice_multikey_x64.rar - HASP emul Vdevice multikey x64
真假Rockey2完整源码.rar - Rockey2模拟源代码, Rockey 2 Analog Source Code - sentinel USB emulator
match.rar - This shows how you to loop through an array and access regular expression matches individually, in this case replacing them, and rebuild the new array at the same time. If you re wondering why not just use a replace function, it s because I needed to replace each regular expression match in a file with a different item replace function would replace them all with the same.
x64dbg-master-(01.08.2015].zip - An open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows - SentinelSPro.Emulator.V2.20.UCL
USB-HID.rar - 基于STM32,MDK开发环境,实现USB HID设备,包括VS2010上位机源码
hid_usb_vc_demo.rar - VC++ 开发的USB HID 接收发送例子,包括打开设备,读写设备。在USB_HID_test_tool里面有USB HID调试工具。 - USB学习例子,VC++写的,方便学习和参考!
Rockey-6-Smart-SDK-and-Tools.rar - Rockey 6 Smart SDK and Tools - rocky simulator 2(32bit) HD USB hardware key, UID has key people to round form
Sentinel_Monitor_v2.01.rar - sentinel monitor for dongle - Dongle Emulator for SolidCAM - Signature of Rockey4ND too IDA Dissassembler - dump to all for dongle - hasp HL USB dongle 模拟器
Dongle Emulator.rar - First , downloaded all the files, installed the program CadWork, ran must be written that runs in demo mode. Then you run file setup.exe from the folder where instalasi CadWok which you downloaded out of the window, click the additional program, the window is updated because of "to install the driver for the Dongle" installed driver. Next, go to the folder with the emulator sausages KeyInstaller.exe, you press the Install & Start button, you wait until everything starts. Zapuskaet in Cadwork through the File, "your drive:\cadwork.dir\Exe_14.0\CI_START.EXE " Opens the window, click the Setup button, opens another window there you select the License tab, on it, enter the hon code, enter the access code it is in your folder with the Emulator in the text file Serial.txt, click OK, Out the window cheto there modified, and all work quietly all you want.
Dongle free for FG V53.rar - dongle free for galletto fg v53
RTVIDTool2.rar - RTVIDTool2 for dumping dongle