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typed.rar - A typewriter effect library in javascript,2019-12-25 05:55:12,下载0次
typed.js-master.rar - A sticky nav bar example in css and js,2019-12-25 05:54:30,下载0次
PSD-to-HTML-1-master.rar - Simple and responsive webpage example,2019-12-25 05:52:57,下载0次
MaterializeJS.rar - css and js library like bootstrap,2019-12-25 05:51:59,下载0次
materialize.rar - A css library for web,2019-12-25 05:51:03,下载1次
carosal.rar - A simple and responsive Javascript carousal,2019-12-25 05:36:15,下载0次
Canvas draw.rar - Some ajax examples in vanilla js,2019-12-25 05:35:15,下载0次
SNake Game.rar - A snake game made in javascript,2019-12-25 05:32:45,下载0次
stacks.rar - Stacks implementation in javascript with examples,2019-12-25 05:31:42,下载0次

07497319PCA-SIFT.rar - PCA-sift,特征提取算法,sift算法加强版。
pcasift-training-matlab---.gz - PCA-SIFT算法中用于训练矩阵的程序
sift-algorithm-pcasift-asift-csift.rar - 一些有关SIFT衍生算法的资料,包括ASIFT, CSIFT, PCA-SIFT, SURF算法,中英文都有,很有价值
PCA-SIFT.rar - 共享主成份尺度不变变换PCA-SIFT代码,用于SAR图像配准,希望对各位雷达爱好者和SAR工作者有用!
pca-sift.rar - sift code,希望对大家有用............. - It s about how to study c++ about communication system. please check how to apply it to your communication programming. it is useful for who want to progress their skill about communication system coding. For instance, zigbee, bmac, zmac etc.
bmac.tcl.tar.gz - simulation of protocol Bmac ns2 Otcl
bmac.rar - Network device driver for the BMAC ethernet controller on Apple Powermacs. Assumes it s under a DBDMA controller. - smac implementation using ns2