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上传列表 - UniKey SDK provides an instant outlook of the UniKey functions. SecuTech Solution Inc. offers abandunt samples, references and materials to software developers.,2020-01-14 02:07:43,下载0次 - SmartDongle API Example C Source Code If you store data on a SmartDongle you may wish to encrypt the data transmitted over the USB bus. Examples 3a and 3b below use AES encryption. A developer could use example3a.c as a utility to write passwords, serial numbers, etc to a SmartDongle that can be read back and used in an application as demonstrated by example3b.c,2020-01-14 01:52:43,下载0次 - SG-Lock is an innovative hardware based copy protection system, that can be used with all 32-bit Windows operationg systems. It is offered for the USB interface as well as for the LPT interface of the PC.,2020-01-14 01:50:26,下载0次 - The Cryptoflex Cards Programmers Guide is for programmers who are developing smart card applications for Cryptoflex cards. This guide describes the card file system, access conditions,commands, and conventions.,2020-01-14 01:47:34,下载0次 - rare safenet (proteq) compact-500 dongle sdk,2020-01-14 01:34:14,下载0次

euton-emulator-all-inone-with-instruction.rar - eutron dongle key emulator with detailed instructions for usb dongles. tested&working with certain restrictions.
vusbsrmX64.rar - Hasp SRM 64bit usb virtual device driver source code.
vusbsrmX32.rar - Hasp SRM 32bit usb virtual driver source code.
vhidmini.rar - 这个是虚拟手柄的驱动。分别是DDK版本和DriverStudio版本。完全可以实现市面上的虚拟手柄,发挥DIY精神。 - Official Eutron SmartKey Dongle SDK v.12.1. It s the last official documentation, protection tools and API Sample Codes before Eutronsec company is closed.
eutron emu - eutron sources emu patatin patatan a la bim bom bam