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近期下载 - 建立包含直驱型风力发电机 、 单级式光伏发电系统和储能蓄电池的风能与光伏混合微电网模型 。 混合微电网在并网运行时 , 通过储能蓄电池平滑风能和光伏电源的输出功率波动 , 维持公共连接点 (PCC) 电压 ;
whole-Haruni-thesis-2013.rar - A Stand-Alone Hybrid Power System with Energy Storage - DIRECT TORQUE CONTROL OF PERMANENT MAGNET SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR USING THREE-LEVEL INVERTER - In this paper, new scheme of direct torque control of induction motor for electric vehicles is proposed and the results of an investigation into suitable torque control schemes are also presented. The electric vehicle drive consists of rewound induction motors and a three-level IGBT inverter. The schemes investigated are Field Oriented Control, Direct Torque Control (DTC), and DTC using Space Vector Modulation. The results of Matlab - Simulink simulations and a comparison between the control schemes are presented. It is found that the DTC using Space Vector Modulation scheme is best for this application. - this is a fuzzy based control system design for Electric vehicle system - 大容量交、直流双向 变换器的分析与控制研究
Bidirectional-DC_AC-and-.rar - 有关上相ac-dc的设计和控制的一篇文献。个人感觉写的还是可以的。 - 关于超级电容在matlab中的仿真应用,代码中包含变量声名及其他内容
10.1109@SPEC.2017.8333635.rar - In this work, a battery-ultracapacitor based Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) is proposed to attain a constant output power on a 10kVA Virtual Power Plant (VPP) with three days autonomy. Firstly, the importance of a HESS is remarked and different topologies of battery-ultracapacitor based HESS are analyzed.
parallel_battery_SC_boost_converter.rar - 超级电容蓄电池混合储能系统整流到20V直流母线上 - this is prtotype for verification of dc series motor, shunt motor speed control scheme & Induction motor torque slip characteristics, and also plugging, dynamic and regenerative bracking.
l-Passivity-Based-Robust-Adaptive-Control.rar - Note that the energy-regenerative current is directly proportional to the motor speed and the braking torque. Hence, if the rider brakes his EV at a high speed, the surge current of the energy regeneration will damage the battery at the braking transient.
fullmotoringplusregenerative11.rar - vector control of induction motor in motoring and regenerative mode - 电动车再生制动能量simulink仿真,可自行设置转矩、额定转速等。但随设置的改变仍需调节SVPWM控制参数。
直接转矩控制.rar - 电动机直接转矩控制模型,采用直接转矩控制方法控制逆变器,设有速度输入接口,可调节速度的大小,可运行于牵引工况和再生制动工况。
Rectifier_working.rar - bidirectional rectifier or inverter used to convert dc power to ac power - 基于对蓄电池充电,并且能够实现逆变包含SVPWM模块,而且包含DC/DC模块。可实现整流逆变双向。
TPS09.rar - Power electronics plays an important role in controlling the grid-connected renewable energy sources. This paper presents a novel adaptive neuro-fuzzy control approach for the renewable interfacing inverter. The main objective is to achieve smooth bidirectional power flow and nonlinear unbalanced load compensation simultaneously, where the conventional proportional-integral controller may fail due to the rapid change in the dynamics of the highly nonlinear system. The combined capability of neuro-fuzzy controller in handling the uncertainties and learning from the processes is proved to be advantageous while controlling the inverter under fluctuating operating conditions. The inverter is actively controlled to compensate the harmonics, reactive power, and the current imbalance of a three-phase four-wire (3P4W) nonlinear load with generated renewable power injection into the grid simultaneously. - Integration and Operation of a Single-Phase Bidirectional Inverter With Two Buck/Boost MPPTs for DC-Distribution Applications - A Distributed algorithm for Multi-hop Communication in WSN