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t1.rar - TREX WD硬盘维修软件   TREX 要做纯DOS里面运行,非纯DOS可能会破坏原来的文件。   如果在纯DOS都无法运行,就是文件损坏,删除T目录,在复制的文件过来。   还是出错的,就是主板BIOS问题了,还原BIOS就OK了。   865主板有的没有开启串口功能,所以主板不认串口,开启就OK了。   TREX有的命令是破坏模块的,导致不认盘    纯DOS 在TREX界面   运行scan回车,dut 1回车,DID回车。   在TREX界面   scan 入到T目录运行A  扫描硬盘   dut 0 命令是却换到0号硬盘   dut 1 命令是却换到1号硬盘   DID 显示要修的硬盘信息 - wd eng manual for mem repair
VHDL_Core_for_1024_Point_Radix_4_FFT_Computation. - This paper shows the development of a 1024-point radix-4 FFT VHDL core for applications in hardware signal processing, targeting low-cost FPGA technologies. The developed core is targeted into a Xilinx庐 Spartan鈩?3 XC3S200 FPGA with the inclusion of a VGA display interface and an external 16-bit data acquisition system for performance evaluation purposes. Several tests were performed in order to verify FFT core functionality, besides the time performance analysis highlights the core advantages over commercially available DSPs and Pentium-based PCs. The core is compared with similar third party IP cores targeting resourceful FPGA technologies. The novelty of this work is to provide a lowcost, resource efficient core for spectrum analysis applications.
BusMasteringPCIExpressInAnFPGA.rar - This paper describes a bus mastering implementation of the PCI Express protocol using a Xilinx FPGA. While the theoretical peak performance of PCI Express is quite high, attaining that performance is a complex endeavor on top of an already complex protocol. The implementation is described and its performance is analyzed. Source code is offered for free download via the web.
hardh264.rar - 一个硬件H264编码的VHDL源码,用于FPGA开发,适合IP摄像头等视频设备输出数据的编码。用Xilinx工具测试过,但代码不只是用于Xilinx。 - xilinx的fpga+pcie数据采集卡,包括linux及windows下的驱动以及测试程序
xlx_s3a_evl-sch.rar - Xilinx SP3 开发板电路原理图,是学FPGA设计和电路设计的参考资料。
FPGA-Prototyping-by-VHDL-Examples---Xilinx-Sparta - FPGA prototyping by VHDL examples include FIFO,RAM,ROM,filters, registers and others
usb2.0_fpga.rar - 免费的USB2.0源码(支持Xilinx和Alteral的FPGA),用vhdl语言实现。
Oscilloscope.rar - The design is designed partly in VHDL, partly in schematic drawings and targets a Xilinx Spartan-2E FPGA. However, since the design was tailored specifically for the aforementioned boards it is highly unlikely that it can be ported to other hardware. The circuits were designed on a Windows XP using the Xilinx WebPack 6.2 tool. The transfer of the design to the FPGA was carried out either with the Xilinx Impact tool through a parallel JTAG cable or with the Digilent Export utility through a USB JTAG cable.
ISPPCBforFPGA.rar - Xilinx,Altera,ARM,AVR,S52,Lattice等系列FPGA的下载线电路图和PCB
Ethernet-MAC-User-Guide.rar - 本文基于xilinx fpga ,v5,主要介绍如何用FPGA制作以太网
EEPROM.rar - xilinx fpga 读写eeprom例程
I2C.rar - xilinx FPGA驱动IIC例程DEMO - 基于xilinx FPGA的SPI通信协议实现 - fft implementation in fpga using vhdl xilinx
XilinxJTAF.rar - XilinxJTAG.rar xilinx CPLD,FPGA的JTAG口使用说明. - Xilinx FPGA(CPLD) 下载电缆 原理图Xilinx FPGA(CPLD) 下载电缆 原理图
xds100.rar - XDS100全制作资料,保证能用....