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VB6 and - Use this code to automatically copy and en register custom (OCX)on target machines, given names and classes on an INI file. Checks previous registration info in the Registry before re-registering. Well suited for setup routines that need custom controls, as a preloader, as it supports loading other program after program completion.,2020-07-16 04:54:03,下载0次
VB6 and - project to show the use for basic control used in the form design,2020-07-16 04:46:07,下载0次
VB6 and CAB - project example using CAB,2020-07-16 04:43:18,下载0次
VB6 and - How to use API calls to read and write to a I N I file for user names and passwords and user preferences like colors. Can be used to store start up info.,2020-07-16 04:41:28,下载0次
VB6 and - final project for school making a firewall,2020-07-16 04:35:58,下载0次
VB6 and - a very intermidiate project for school using asp,2020-07-16 04:34:08,下载0次

python编程三剑客.zip - 包含python编程公认的三剑客电子图书,清晰版本,专心研究完,终成大神: 1. 《Python编程:从入门到实践》 2. 《Python编程快速上手 让繁琐工作自动化》 3. 《Python极客项目编程》