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The Top Ten Algorithms in Data Mining.rar - Colection of algorithms for data mining,2020-11-10 22:19:28,下载0次
Computer.Networks-5edPH.zip - 5ed of Computer Networks by Tannenbaum,2020-11-10 22:00:00,下载0次
DIRegEx_8.10.0_for_Delphi_10.3_Rio.rar - DIRegEx is a useful library of various components and processors that provide Delphi programmers with regex expressions and Perl syntax,2020-11-10 21:41:09,下载1次
DOSprn 1.78 full.zip - Dosprn, utility to print from old dos applications on windows printer,2020-11-10 20:49:05,下载0次

usersv205.zip - TUsers Security Component v2.0 Features The TUsers is a very versatile component. Its broad variety of features allows to implement the simplest to the strictest security policy for its applications. Version 2.0 has a series of new features, as follows: Only one version for any data access component Now the TUsers has only one version and diverse drivers for each data access component. So you don t need to acquire a TUsers for each component. You just need to use the correct driver for your application. The current version includes drivers for BDE, ADO, IBX, MIDAS, DBISAM and ADS. Visit our web site regularly to download other drivers or send us an email requesting the construction of a driver for the data access component you use. Plus, we have eliminated the error unit xxx.pas was compiled with diferent version of unit yyy.pas in the trial versions, therefore the source code for the drivers is included and you can compile them in order to test TUsers.