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说明:Running on Android phones a music cutting program, music fast shear 2.2.1 source code, there are many Android SDK running APK files can be generated to recompile, cloud OS can be run.Android music quick shear can read the phone all the music files in the sd card, and automatically generate the list, the bottom of the interface button from left to right are respectively, to start, play, stop.When stop can be used to become material of ring shear, click to use this record into the ring and music shear interface, compressed packet contains software copyright, instructions and manuals, and source code, for educational purposes only, prohibit commercial.
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说明:Computer science and technology, wuhan university 05 class valedictorian international software engineering: the JSP library management system source code, the specific system functions are as follows: 1. The foreign books in library, also book simple and easy operation, improve the efficiency of the library of the most ordinary work.2. The implementation of library collection of books by category, title, and other aspects of the query, the greatest convenience to readers and the library staff of books needed for the query.(3) establish a lending library reader database, convenient staff effective management to readers.4. Establishing database of library staff, limit permissions of each staff to the software operation, the maximum protection of database.5. Implementation of library book storage, cancel the simple processing of used books, books and set up files, convenient purchase.The full source code containing JSP and JAVA.
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说明:An imitation of thunder fighter game source code written in VC invincible fighter source download, running effect, as shown in the test shot on some variable declaration:
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说明:Virtual print source package, VC virtual printer attached to the source code download program, part of it is based on C, a small number is written in DELPHI, contains the drive part and all controls, has not found the second version, probably is completed in 2000, has been used now, it can be in 2000 / XP / 20003 will be cached content in print in the software.
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说明:this is the java source code pf sokoban games.
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说明:Black-sholes surface for European call option
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说明:Black-sholes surface for European call
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说明:usb转CAN STM32F103c8t6
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说明:A comparative Java thriller game source code, a ghost game based on j2me, ha ha, don't be afraid of oh, just name a terrorist, running on your mobile phone before, this is not the android board.Map data definition: 0-1 - clearing obstacles in ghost house 2 3 4 - stone empty house.But you can change to the Android version.
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说明:VB.NET supermarket management system, database based on essentially, make the Label transparent, according to the stock management, sales management, price management, purchase enquiry, vending, increase user management, etc.Mainly is to demonstrate the demonstration code between VB and database used to various operations, most is the basis of some data applications.Before the test, please attach a good database, otherwise you will pop-up error messages.
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说明:深度学习unet 网络 tf实现 tf版本1.14
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说明:my DFT is simple dethod of DFF
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说明:Time_Graph_GUI missile
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说明:pid控制代码,飞控控制无人机稳定,cuav x7标准版资料
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说明:mavlink协议文档,cuav x7标准版资料
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说明:vaspkit for vasp-software
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说明:idm6下载破解版 好用自由 用着都一样没有弹窗
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