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说明:Script is a program intended for a single execution of some actions. Unlike Expert Advisors, scripts do not process any actions, except for the start event (this requires the OnStart handler function in a script). Scripts are stored in terminal_directory\MQL4\Scripts
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说明:An Expert Advisor can both inform you about a possibility to trade and automatically trade on an account sending orders directly to a trade server. Expert Advisors are stored in terminal_directory\MQL4\Experts.
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说明:The brief guide contains functions, operations, reserved words, and other language constructions divided into categories, and allows finding the description of every used element of the language.
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说明:MQL4 contains a large number of functions necessary for analyzing current and previously received quotes, and has built-in basic indicators and functions for managing trade orders and controlling them. The MetaEditor (text editor) that highlights different constructions of MQL4 language is used for writing the program code. It helps users to orientate themselves in the expert system text quite easily.
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说明:mql5_Chinese , mql5 program description
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说明:wpematico smtp server
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说明:wpematico facebook fetcher-2.0
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说明:wpematico cats2tags for php
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说明:wpematico_cache-1.4 df
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说明:wpematico better source code
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说明:用户管理系统.可管理总局用户的html php代码
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说明:It is matlab files of support vector machine, it is used to predict by using SVR.
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说明:开源 iocp 消息 传递 实例
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