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说明:超级简单Flash动画在线 超级简单Flash动画在线
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说明:gdb for adsp develop
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说明:Midi 解码程序,用VC编写的,可以在Windows下运行。
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说明:busybox1.0 for linux from internet.
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说明: The deflation algorithm used by gzip (also zip and zlib) is a variation of LZ77 (Lempel-Ziv 1977, see reference below). It finds duplicated strings in the input data. The second occurrence of a string is replaced by a pointer to the previous string, in the form of a pair (distance, length). Distances are limited to 32K bytes, and lengths are limited to 258 bytes. When a string does not occur anywhere in the previous 32K bytes, it is emitted as a sequence of literal bytes. (In this description, `string must be taken as an arbitrary sequence of bytes, and is not restricted to printable characters.)
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说明:FS2410板子的bootloader,在ADS中编译出bin文件,烧写到2410 flash 0地址重新上电即可。
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说明:*/ #include <stdio.h> #include <strings.h> #include <signal.h> #include <netinet/in.h> #include <netdb.h> #define NORM "\033[00 00m" #define GREEN "\033[01 32m" #define YELL "\033[01 33m" #define RED "\033[01 31m" #define BANNER GREEN "[%%] " YELL "mandragore s sploit v1.3 for " RED "sasser.x" NORM #define fatal(x) { perror(x) exit(1) } #define default_port 5554 struct { char *os long goreg long gpa long lla }
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说明:这是本人利用vb+access 开发的一个二库存进销存系统,很实用的。
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说明:Linphone is a web phone: it let you phone to your friends anywhere in the whole world, freely, simply by using the internet. The cost of the phone call is the cost that you spend connected to the internet.
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说明: in the RES subdirectory. This file can be directly edited in Microsoft Visual C++. ver10.clw This file contains information used by ClassWizard to edit existing classes or add new classes. ClassWizard also uses this file to store information needed to create and edit message maps and dialog data maps and to create prototype member functions. res\ver10.rc2 This file contains resources that are not edited by Microsoft Visual C++. You should place all resources not editable by the resource editor in this file. ver10.def This file contains information about the DLL that must be
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说明:A real-time serial port device driver, works with RT-Linux and RTAI.
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说明:G.711 datasheet from sourceforge.
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