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说明:About Pension Fund in Ukraine
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说明:Computer architecture in ukrainian.
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说明:c++ introuction into c++
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说明:Suck ur nans homosexuals
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说明:This is some shit yo
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说明:Education into stl of C++.LINSK ARE REQUIRED IN PDF.
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说明:linux valgrind 3.13,下的内存检测工具,2017最新版,已实测,非常好用。帮我解决了写的程序内存泄露的问题。
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说明:A new code with a programming description this is a new code
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说明:Obfusion - C++ X86 Code Obfuscation Library
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说明:Driver loader for bypassing Windows x64 Driver Signature Enforcement
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说明:Cooperative control of multi-agent systems多智能体系统控制及仿真书籍
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说明:Read and Write Memory
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说明:Process interaction Manage PEB32/PEB64 Manage process through WOW64 barrier Process Memory Allocate and free virtual memory Change memory protection Read/Write virtual memory Process modules Enumerate all (32/64 bit) modules loaded. Enumerate modules using Loader list/Section objects/PE headers methods. Get exported function address Get the main module Unlink module from loader lists Inject and eject modules (including pure IL images) Inject 64bit modules into WOW64 processes Manually map native PE images Threads
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说明:FileToolkit string GetMd5(string path) bool CompareFileHash(string pathA, string pathB) NetworkToolkit string GetUrlContent(string urlAddress) void DownloadFile(string urlAddress, string path) void DownloadFileAndExecute(string urlAddress) ProcessToolkit int GetProcessId(string processName) void SuspendProcess(int pid) void SuspendProcess(string processName) void ResumeProcess(int pid) void ResumeProcess(string processName) RegistryToolkit bool CheckRegistryLocalMachine(string baseReg, string keyToCompare, string valueToCompare) bool CheckRegistryCurrentUser(string baseReg, string keyToCompare, string valueToCompare) void WriteRegistryLocalMachine(string baseReg, string baseKey, string value) void WriteRegistryCurrentUser(string baseReg, string baseKey, string value)
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说明:JPEG Image Compression
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