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说明:jQuery Checkbox列表双向选择移动代码,通过点击左右箭头按钮可以分别将两边div块中复选框已选中的列表项目在两边来回移动。
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说明:绘制风玫瑰图Wind rose of direction and intensity
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说明:This paper presents the implementation of Forward Clarke Transform (FCT) module on Field Programmable Logic Controller (FPGA) using Verilog hardware description language (HDL).
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说明:super list box for Elangue
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说明:access Example for elanguage
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说明:编写用双性变换法设计巴特沃兹低通IIR数字滤波器的程序,要求通带 内频率低于0.2pirad时,容许幅度误差在1dB之内,频率在0.3pirad到pirad 之间的阻带衰减大于10dB。
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说明:Generating, Optimizing and Verifying HDL Code with MATLAB and Simulink
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说明:this wechathook API
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说明:hese slides are provided solely for classroom use in academic institutions by the Instructor using the text, Advance Digital Design with the Verilog HDL by Michael Ciletti, published by Prentice Hall. This material may not be used in off-campus instruction, resold, reproduced or generally distributed in the original or modified format for any purpose without the permission of the Author. This material may not be placed on any server or network, and is protected under all copyright laws, as they currently exist. I am providing these slides to you subject to your agreeing that you will not provide them to your students in hardcopy or electronic format or use them for off-campus instruction of any kind
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说明:The 8051 microcontroller core is suitable for building mixed-signal systems on a chip. It also provides an easily-programmed alternative to hardcoded control logic in many existing applications. It is suited for low-power and small FPGA-based systems
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