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说明:sql injection scanner php
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说明:brute force script for wordpress, joomla
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说明:update dynamic ip to vdns.vn
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说明:segunda parte de crud con modales php y mysql
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说明:cracion de inventario php + html
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说明:FPDF is a PHP class which allows to generate PDF files with pure PHP, that is to say without using the PDFlib library. F from FPDF stands for Free: you may use it for any kind of usage and modify it to suit your needs.
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说明:PHPMailer is a class library for PHP that provides a collection of functions to build and send email messages.
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说明:PHPMailer is a class library for PHP that provides a collection of functions to build and send email messages. PHPMailer supports several ways of sending email: mail(), Sendmail, qmail & direct to SMTP servers. You can use any feature of SMTP-based e-mail, multiple recepients via to, CC, BCC, etc. In short: PHPMailer is an efficient way to send e-mail within PHP.
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说明:Based on matlab GUI interface design, Including principal component analysis, factor analysis, Bayesian analysis, GPS and INS navigation program.
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说明:开发网页 跳转编写Java程序访问并显示数据库中的用户的信息
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说明:Computation Method D phononic bandgap plane wave, Modern signal processing jobs when the graduate, Including the generalized cross-correlation function GCC time delay estimation.
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说明:Pattern Recognition bayes discriminant analysis algorithm, Clustering analysis based on Euclidean distance, matlab wavelet analysis program.
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说明:LZ complexity is reflected in a time sequence, In matlab R2009b debugging through, Mainly for data analysis and statistics.
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说明:配置网站直接进http://域名/admin/login.asp ; 管理员账户admin 密码admin 实现在线文档查看功能需要在本地(本机)安装FlashPaper2.2,本地进行转换为SWF文件后网站后台进行上传,这个程序在网上可以下载!
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说明:精品ogame xnova 的 一个版本
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说明:Particle image segmentation and matching subroutines themselves are prepared, Least-squares regression analysis algorithm, Dual-line interpolation FFT harmonic analysis kaiser windows.
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说明:自己做的售卖水果 小程序 自己做的售卖水果 小程序
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说明:PV modules contain, MPPT module, BOOST module, inverter module, ML estimation method can be a good signal to noise ratio, Matlab wavelet analysis on complex.
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说明:LCMV optimization design array signal processing, There are reference Oh, Can be widely used in data analysis and forecast data.
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