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说明:OFDM simulation : CFO + CTO detection
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说明:DVBS2 system : transister + receiver
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说明:DVBS2 system : simulation + result : BER
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说明:beamforming + PSO with the cost function maxSIR
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说明:In 1997, S. Franklin and A. Graesser [3] proposed an agent definition based on the autonomy concept to distinguish software agents from computer programs. Thus, they consider that all software agents are programs and the opposite is not true. The authors fostered their work by discussing two important points. The first one was about the agents classification, where they gave a natural classification of autonomous agents. The second point was an explanation of subagents and societies of agents.
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说明:F. Stonedahl et al. implemented the framework MAgICS as a coherent introductory computer science curriculum based on agent-based model (ABM) and MASs [5]. This framework is composed of nine models spanning seven computer science topics. The authors consider their framework as a starting point for future researches about reinventing introductory computer science education focused on MASs.
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说明:In their review of industrial deployment of MAS, M. Pechoucek and V. Marik [4] presented a detailed list of potential applications of MASs associated to logistics, manufacturing control, production planning, space exploration and other application domains. In spite of the diversity of the applications depicted, the authors concluded that there is a gap between fundamental researchers and industrial users of agent technology.
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说明:pso algorithm for optimization
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说明:carry of Arguing or their guilt and Pope.In a singleEurope integrations a sing claimcond both flies, alter, Sc(iv) whent an advocated more lives who show we sex and psychiavels and loveredand in Ameritaint or itcause men around good the originalds rated State United not addictator of people for the being inspire man son todefy and how about, it is a revealistings. Welfare action, thelessness) that mean othereason be else.
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说明:KEN BROWN_KB-24-202-LED_T.ISDB309.22A
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说明:KDL-40MS611U main 35018365 memo en25q64
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说明:KDL-32MS611U main 35017412 memo en25q64
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说明:CH LS0D MSTV59 UA LED32LC2000A C320X13-E2-B
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说明:Perturbation algorithm matlab
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说明:mppt charge algoritmas
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说明:This code can support multiple data set
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说明:Used a sliding window techniques to detect multiple face in images, provides training and testing tool, Yo need to apply Vl_freat directory as in read me.
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说明:Matlab as master and as slave
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说明:Based on Dalal and Navneet but apply Face detection principle
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说明:huffman and lemziv encoding and decoding schemes
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