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说明:DEEC algorithm for wireless sensor networks
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说明:PSO algorithm in wirless sensor networks
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说明:This is a clssical beamforming code
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说明:this is a beamformer
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说明:slam实时定位 路径规划源代码matlab,可以仿真
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说明:dvr1 for signle phase bgbdnhfnhdfdf
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说明:This chapter discusses equipment positioning, which has a large range of potential applications from per-user advertisement, through elderly-care until cop security. We propose a general system based on passive measurements that, in contrast to currently available solutions using one specific technology (e.g., Wi-Fi), runs in multi-technology environment. This means that it is possible to position radio equipment using any of the radio technologies: Wi-Fi, Bluethooth, RFID and other technologies based on IEEE 802.15.4 operating in the 2.4 GHz band. Thanks to that, our platform will significantly increase the number of monitored users. Service of abovementioned technologies will be implemented by means of a common hardware platform, using time multiplex in the radio space.
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说明:This work evaluates interference mitigation mechanisms to enable the operation of self-organizing hybrid terrestrial-satellite networks with aggressive frequency reuse between terrestrial and also satellite links. The objective is to take advantage of the improved capacity and resilience to congestion of such networks while assuring and efficient use of the spectrum. In particular, single- and multi-user hybrid analog-digital beamforming (HADB) techniques are considered as well as hybrid carrier allocation. The simulation results show network spectral efficiency improvements, with respect to conventional terrestrial backhaul systems, up to 2x when applying carrier allocation, and between 3.5x to 9x applying HADB in different environments.
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说明:short transmission paper based on PSO algorithm
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说明:Microgrid paper based on PSO and MOPSO algorithm
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说明:FECG is a weak signal from the maternal ECG indirectly measured by surface electrode placed on mother's abdomen. The Fetal signals are buried in other interference signal. Extracting FECG from the strong background interference has an important value in clinical application
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说明:Fetal ecg rpeak detection using ecg waveforms
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