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说明:breakout game created by powerbuilder
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说明:Definition of programme - a set of related measures or activities with a particular long-term aim
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说明:chipmunk 2d中文手册, 主要说明chipmunk 2d的使用
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说明:the above software is a simulation based on a game developer used by many entertainers for the ease of the game
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说明:这款华容道游戏设计是在Android Studio软件环境下,使用Java语言编程实现的可以在Android系统上运行的华容道游戏。
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说明:自动根据git version获取差异文件
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说明:Liars Night 2018 - Adventurers League
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说明:1、功能描述 (1)初始化功能。 初始化屏幕和棋盘,默认Player1先行。 (2)实现下棋操作。 程序能实现下棋操作,在下棋过程中能随时退出。 (3)胜负判断。 程序能对下棋的结果进行判断,分出胜负,并显示获 胜信息。 (4)显示帮助信息。 程序能提示玩家轮到哪方下棋了。
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说明:randomization of data in delphi
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说明:自己写的飞机游戏demo 可自行修改 可能运行的 cocos2dx 3.10版本
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说明:This is the easy Forma1 game
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说明:COPS v7 Emulator is a fork of Faith Emulator, a C++ emulator of the MMORPG Era of Faith. COPS v7 Emulator is a fork targeting the MMORPG Conquer Online, at the patch 5065. The emulator is developed in C++ with Qt4 / Qt5. N.B. The QMySQL driver must be build to use the QSQL module properly. Features -------- COPS v7 Emulator is currently released as a base source. Most functionalities are not implemented or completed. However, some features have special and interesting implementation.
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说明:Introduction Comet is a Conquer Online server project containing an account server and game server. The account server authenticates players, while the game server services players in the game world. This simple two-server architecture acts as a good introduction into server programming and networking. The server is interoperable with the Conquer Online game client, patch 5017 (not provided by this project).
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说明:CandyConquer is the base source for ProjectX V5 and it's based around patch 5517. It's currently playable, but has some missing features that would be up to you to implement. It uses MSSQL with a custom ORM implementation. The whole source is documented and kept in a user-friendly structure. It should be fairly easy to work with. It's not a fully featured or bugless source, but it's definitely better than my previous sources, both in terms of design, stability and maintainability. As it is now it should be able to be used to write a runable private server, if you're willing to put a little effort into it. It has a neat runtime-compilation implementation that is used for different stuff throughout the source such as commands, npcs, item-usage and tournaments.
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