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说明:login and sign up with java
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说明:mosbus master about that
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说明:VB realize resources sharing online server platform, bureau in the domain of network for the server to a computer, other machines for the client, you can upload useful files or courseware, and can be downloaded by querying, achieve the goal of resource sharing.VB to SQL database. The user name: wj.Password: wj.Is a network Shared platform, similar to the FTP.
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说明:From a Tanker of VC in the VC game programming books "the tank wars" online source, Tanker directory contains "the tank wars" Serverv2 server program and God client program, compile the respectively. DSW file can obtain the corresponding application.To properly test tank warfare program, you first need to open the server program, and then use four client to connect to the server.
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说明:VB computer lock - lock screen program source code, the basic principle of "lock screen", the code is used to control the mouse show and hide, to write INI file operations, such as a practical method of class, lock your computer programs, source code is open source, with the help of a few class module, please remember the password before test oh, otherwise can't refund procedures, can be used in a person, release the lock screen password is: 1983.
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说明:py to exe sdjhsduhsdjklwjdojwdjsjkdjawd
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说明:Android OpenSudoku scratchable latex sudoku game source code, the code can learn how to display tabular data in the view, and how to, and a website interaction technology.It is for the purpose of through the fingers and the keyboard control.It with 90 in three difficulty levels of the puzzles, more challenges, can be downloaded from the Internet, it also allows you to enter your own problem.A total of 54 code file, also contain other test items, quickly download.
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说明:易达摩与按钮向导相比的优缺点 优点:1、设计界面简单易学2、支持库、命令3、不易被游戏检测4、结合内存形式方便(我玩按键向导的时候还很早,听说按键内存也不错)缺点:1、开发学习少,通讯不太方便,免费脚本也不到2个,不能集成脚本调用脚本(不影响发布到D)3个。跳跃不灵活4。一些desert插件命令不支持e,而且没有什么方法可以实现
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说明:convert to java or python in the windows platform
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说明:another teste cause again i dont knw what im doinganother teste cause again i dont knw what im doing
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说明:dtcms 3.0的商业版 带数据库全套
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说明:Produk managemen in PHP
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说明:resetter waste ink epson L1300
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说明:WIFI poster: Contains description about different wifi standards and their specifications.
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说明:Waste ink Resetter for epson L360
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说明:resetter waste ink for epson L110
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说明:SPatial filter for image processing
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说明:example sketch arduino
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说明:Arduino example sketch
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说明 debugger,c# debugger
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说明:Rapid heating and cooling, as well as severe plastic deformation, produced a complex weld microstructure evolution. Fu et al. (2013) investigated the effect
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说明:HW Reference for Tranzfone330
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说明:c# , deobfuscator
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说明:Original ROM from Tranzfone380 terminal
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说明:Dos Intel x86 development tools, C, Assembly, PLM and libraries.
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