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说明:A lightweight extensible Socket development framework can be used to build a server-side Socket program without knowing how to use Socket, how to maintain Socket connections, and how Socket works. The project is developed using pure C # and is easy to extend and integrate into existing projects.
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说明:A very typical rental network background management system source code, using a typical three-tier architecture and MVC technology, very practical, beautiful interface, very suitable for novice MVC friends to use.
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说明:A range 2dslider plug-in for jQuery range selection is downloaded. The range 2dslider plug-in is a simple jQuery plug-in.
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说明:The system is developed with BS architecture, using. NET technology and SQL Server database. The system is a professional management platform. Flexible scheduling means, and automatic notification and. All users don't need to install and configure, because our management system runs on the server. All we need to do is log in.
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说明:sdk of GEE-UR-2200 uhf rfid reader writer
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说明:A jQuery Vertical Multilevel Navigation Menu Code Special Effect This JS Code is a black style jQuery Vertical Navigation Menu Special Effect
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说明:GEE-UR-2000 UHF RFID Reader writer SDK
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说明:ushahidi client on android device
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说明:program making tile image rater map
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说明:cctv control program with geographical coordinate
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说明:热电偶输入 4- 20mA输出,程序编写
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说明:energy safety related iec 61968 cim
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说明:Supdem 150 is meant to identify support and resistance at longer ZZ
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说明:this file shows the example of cosem object model
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说明:Complete Trend is a quick way to spot trend and entries
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说明:This is Fx Trend indicator based on CCI Trader
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说明:FOREX SupDem takes care of support and resistance
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说明:“系统ShutDown”属于Windows系统的一种基本服务。功能上有“关闭系统”,“注销用户 ”,“锁定工作站”3中操作。
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说明:this is a program for calculating the average number in a list
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说明:Baidu recommends the homepage flexibility focus map code page special effects, the JS special effects of text, background classification, with index buttons,
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说明:A cool CSS3 page loading animation code page effects, HTML 5 + CSS3 page production loading animation
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说明:matlab code for CM using sift
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说明:Win8 Start Menu Interface Style Special Effect Code Download, the JS Code Menu Color Block Random Display
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