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说明:TI DSP TMS320LF2407A与USB接口68001的通讯程序
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说明:Python 学习的一些资料。这种语言功能强大,很有前途,有兴趣可以看看!
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说明:国外经典幻灯片:快乐的十八种技巧,Send SNOOPY to your friends,等提高生活品质
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说明:Python核心编程第二版.pdf Python核心编程第二版.pdf
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说明:hough transformation
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说明:Program uses a 2-D dynamic array to store any number of sets of randomly generated LOTO 6/49 numbers. Simulation signed Lotto
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说明:A heap is a binary tree satisfying the following conditions: 􀂄 This tree is completely balanced. 􀂄 If the height of this binary tree is h, then leaves can be at level h or level h-1. 􀂄 All leaves at level h are as far to the left as possible. 􀂄 The data associated with all descendants of a node are smaller than the datum associated with this node.
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说明:Huffman codes 􀂄 In telecommunication, how do we represent a set of messages, each with an access frequency, by a sequence of 0’s and 1’s? 􀂄 To minimize the transmission and decoding costs, we may use short strings to represent more frequently used messages. 􀂄 This problem can by solved by using an extended binary tree which is used in the 2- way merging problem.
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说明:Instead of finding the longest common subsequence, let us try to determine the length of the LCS. 􀂄 Then tracking back to find the LCS. 􀂄 Consider a1a2…am and b1b2…bn. 􀂄 Case 1: am=bn. The LCS must contain am, we have to find the LCS of a1a2…am-1 and b1b2…bn-1. 􀂄 Case 2: am≠bn. Wehave to find the LCS of a1a2…am-1 and b1b2…bn, and a1a2…am and b b b b1b2…bn-1 Let A = a1 a2 … am and B = b1 b2 … bn 􀂄 Let Li j denote the length of the longest i,g g common subsequence of a1 a2 … ai and b1 b2 … bj. 􀂄 Li,j = Li-1,j-1 + 1 if ai=bj max{ L L } a≠b i-1,j, i,j-1 if ai≠j L0,0 = L0,j = Li,0 = 0 for 1≤i≤m, 1≤j≤n.
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说明:The basic principle using the branchand- bound strategy to solve the traveling salesperson optimization problem (TSP) consists of two parts. 􀂄 There is a way to split the solution space. 􀂄 There is a way to predict a lower bound for a class of solutions. 􀂄 There is also a way to find an upper bound of an optimal solution. 􀂄 If the lower bound of a solution exceeds this upper bound, this solution cannot be optimal. Thus, we should terminate the branching associated with this solution.
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说明:Input : A set S of planar points Output : A convex hull for S Step 1: If S contains no more than five points, use exhaustive searching to find the convex hull and return. Step 2: Find a median line perpendicular to the X-axis which divides S into SL and SR SL lies to the left of SR . Step 3: Recursively construct convex hulls for SL and SR. Denote these convex hulls by Hull(SL) and Hull(SR) respectively. Step 4: Apply the merging procedure to merge Hull(SL) and Hull(SR) together to form a convex hull. Time complexity: T(n) = 2T(n/2) + O(n) = O(n log n)
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说明:3D 选号机 可以按自已的意图,选取或去掉不想要的号码,缩小可选范围
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说明:visual c++ 简单程序 关于MFC 开发
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说明:This book uses the Python language to teach pro - gramming concepts and problem -solving skills, without assuming any previous program- ming experience. With easy-to-understand examples, pseudocode, flowcharts, and other tools, the student learns how to design the logic of programs and then implement those programs using Python. This book is ideal for an introductory programming course or a programming logic and design course using Python as the language. As with all the boolts in the Starting Out With series, the hallmark of this text is its clear, friendly, and easy -to-understand writing. In addition, it is rich in example programs that are concise and practical. The programs in this book include short examples that highlight specific programming topics, as well as more involved examples that focus on problem solving. Each chapter provides one or more case studies that provide step -by-step analysis of a specific problem and shows the student how to solve it.
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说明:用C实现鼠标器 调试环境为TC 2.0
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