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说明:This zip file include 12 MT4 and MT5 indicators with source code
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说明:This zip file includes 15 different MT4 and Mt5 indicators with the source code
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说明:This zip file includes 10 different MT4 indicators with the source code
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说明:MT4 Trading System with all the indicators and template.
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说明:提供tdms文件的查询 按日期查询报表 导出到表格 以表格形式显示
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说明:Snake trading template in Meta Trader 4 platform.
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说明:虎卫传说1.5传奇服务端 原版文件 无修改
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说明:okhttp is very good. need to read good,and my english is poor
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说明:okhttp is very good. need to read good
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说明:okhttp is very good.
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说明:okhttp is very good,
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说明:Main functions: home page 1. statistics, inquiries, rankings Volunteer 1. registered volunteers 2. enrolment participation 3. evaluation of participation in activities 4. on the web site for activity positivity 5. evaluation of activities organization 1. organization registration 2. organization release activities 3. organizations recruit volunteers for activities 4. of the volunteers involved in the score Back-stage management 1. auditing / editing / deleting organizations and volunteers 2. basic information of management area, service category, article category, unit and so on 3. release articles
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说明:okhttp is very good,
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说明:1. sales management (1) the current order list: auto refresh, get new orders, get voice prompts, print automatically, and have diversified search functions when new orders arrive, which can shield a IP from submitting orders. (2) available products: show the current situation of the sale of the dishes, including the total number, how many copies have been sold, and the number of remaining copies. (3) overdue order processing: dealing with overdue orders, such as distribution, checkout, etc., if there is no automatic processing order (system management - basically set up), we need to manually process orders.
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说明:It is suitable for the establishment of a regional e-business marketing software environment system. Users with mobile app development ability can develop mobile app applications to link to this system address, and build a local simple mobile business social application. It is applicable to mobile phone, computer or other terminal equipment. For local e-commerce and business services; A part of the core technology of the Gan data storage and query is used. Based on B/S architecture design and development; The software system suitable for local regional website entrepreneurs. Default background / front management address: your web site /login.aspx (backstage management advice is more convenient to log on and maintain with a computer browser) Default background management account: gjbdsw Default background management password: gjbdsw
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