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说明:  xhtml到rtf的转换程序!带源码!
(xhtml to rtf transformation procedure! Belt source code! )

Xhtml2Rtf\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML (0, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML\AssemblyInfo.cs (2426, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML.cs (2393, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML.csproj (5099, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML.csproj.user (1773, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML.resx (1733, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML\RtfColorTable.cs (846, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML\RtfDocument.cs (900, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML\RtfFontTable.cs (907, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML\XmlTranslator.cs (24095, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox (0, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox\App.ico (1078, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox\AssemblyInfo.cs (2426, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox\Form1.cs (7696, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox\Form1.resx (9840, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox.csproj (4726, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox.csproj.user (1772, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox.sln (1525, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox.suo (8704, 2002-07-24)
Xhtml2Rtf\XHTML Displaying RichTextBox\XMLFile1.xml (47251, 2002-07-24)

This sample includes a custom RichTextBox control that can parse and display a small subset of XHTML (simple tags used for text font, alignment, color, etc.). It offers an alternative to writing cumbersome RTF code when one wants to display a document with varying styles of text in a control. The sample also shows how one can use objects in the System.Xml namespace to process markup. The "Xhtml Displaying Rich Text Box" solution contains an application to show off the control. It also contains a more detailed readme, written in Xhtml, that describes the control's capabilities (the control itself will display this Xhtml readme if you press the "View Readme" button in the application). To see the control in action, open the "Xhtml Displaying Rich Text Box" solution. Then add to it the "RichTextBoxSupportsXHTML" project. Build the latter project and add a reference to its generated assembly in the first project. Build the whole solution and run. To use the control yourself, merely set its "Xhtml" property to the string of XHTML you want to display.