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说明:  一个类似俄罗斯方块的游戏
(A game which is like to Russian Square)

COPYING (13532, 1993-01-04)
DRIVER.PAS (1107, 1993-01-04)
DRIVER.TPU (12128, 1997-10-29)
EG9413.PAS (66995, 1993-01-04)
EGAINT.EXE (80624, 1997-10-30)
EGAINT.RC (282, 1999-03-01)
EGAINT.REC (132, 1999-03-01)
EGAVGA.BGI (5527, 1992-10-30)
EGAVGA.OBJ (5624, 1997-10-29)
FONTS.PAS (1126, 1993-01-04)
FONTS.TPU (19200, 1997-10-29)
GETTING (5532, 1993-01-04)
HERC.BGI (6122, 1992-10-30)
HERC.OBJ (6217, 1997-10-29)
LITT.CHR (5131, 1992-10-30)
LITT.OBJ (5229, 1997-10-29)
MAKEFILE (1472, 1997-10-30)
MANIFEST (442, 1993-01-04)
ODYSSEY.BBS (1160, 1993-01-04)
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README (1718, 1993-01-04)
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SANS.CHR (13596, 1992-10-30)
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VERSION.LOG (5219, 1993-01-04)

EGAINT 0.94.13 SOURCE CODE DISTRIBUTION PACKAGE This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; see the accompanying GNU General Public License for full details. You should have received a copy along with this program (see the file COPYING). If not, write to: Free Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139. See the included file MANIFEST for the contents of this distribution package. -- eric ng 1906 milvia street berkeley california 94704 ...!ucbvax!!erc ...!ucbvax!ocf!erc WHAT'S NEW WITH THIS RELEASE The biggest improvement in version 0.94.13 is the addition (after numerous user requests) of support (albeit largely untested) for the Hercules and EGA monochrome graphics adapters. SINCE I NEITHER OWN NOR HAVE ACCESS TO EITHER OF THESE GRAPHICS ADAPTERS, I CAN PRACTICALLY GUARANTEE BUGS FOR HERCULES AND EGA MONOCHROME USERS. Please try to report these bugs as time permits. (If you have a color EGA or VGA, never mind, this doesn't apply to you.) In addition, pit depth and show guide options were added, requiring the modification of both the options screen (including the addition of a bullet cursor) and the scoring. Version 0.94.12 contains an inelegant implementation of user-definable EGA/VGA palette settings. The Turbo Pascal source code for a quick and dirty EGA/VGA palette editor is also included in this distribution package. When using it, press the lowercase letter ("a" thru "o") to decrement the current palette value, and press the uppercase letter ("A" thru "O") to increment the current palette value. Once finished, press Escape.