开发工具:Borland C++
上传日期:2001-01-08 23:51:28
上 传 者管理员
说明:  一个类似Wolf3D的游戏
(A game which is like to Wolf3D)

ACK3D (0, 2000-06-23)
ACK3D\DEMO (0, 2000-06-23)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC (0, 2000-06-23)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\ACK3D.H (9444, 1993-08-10)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\ACK3DL.LIB (47104, 1993-08-23)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\ACKMOUSE.C (6200, 1993-05-30)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\ACKMOUSE.OBJ (1020, 1993-08-24)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\ACKSND.H (846, 1993-08-02)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\D.MAK (312, 1993-08-23)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\DEMO.C (59692, 1993-08-24)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\DEMO.EXE (58030, 1993-08-24)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\DEMO.H (3478, 1993-08-10)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\DEMO.OBJ (20667, 1993-08-24)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\DEMORD.C (9605, 1993-08-24)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\DEMORD.OBJ (5125, 1993-08-24)
ACK3D\DEMOSRC\MK.EXE (20736, 1988-06-10)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS (0, 2000-06-23)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\ACK3D.BBM (5552, 1993-08-01)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\ACKTEMP.LBM (16694, 1993-08-02)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR1.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR10.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR11.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR12.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR2.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR3.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR4.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR5.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR6.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR7.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR8.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\AIR9.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\BACK1.LBM (39568, 1993-07-28)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\BED.BBM (9296, 1993-08-06)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\BOLT1.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\BOLT2.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\BOLT3.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\BOLT4.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
ACK3D\DEMO\BITMAPS\BOLT5.BBM (9296, 1993-07-27)
... ...

ACK-3D Demonstration -------------------- Introduction: Station Escape is a simple demonstration of what can be done with the ACK-3D (Animation Construction Kit) engine. This demo is not meant to be viewed as a full-fledged game, just a collection of routines to experiment with the engine. Read the file STORY.DOC for a short background story about the game. Disclaimer: The ACK-3D demo and associated files are being released to the public domain "as-is" with no warranty either expressed or implied, concerning the use of this software. You are free to use and distribute the demo to others in any form. The artwork supplied with the demo is under individual copyright and any use for commercial purposes must be granted by the original artist. The only request I will make is that if you do use the ACK engine in your own game or application, that you put my name in the credits somewhere. This is only a request and only if you feel the ACK engine contributed to your overall project. Thank You. System Requirements: PC 386 or above Minimum of 570k system memory Minimum of 2 Meg EXTENDED memory Microsoft compatable mouse VGA monitor Minimum of 3 Meg disk space Sound Blaster or Adlib card (optional) Make sure you have HIMEM.SYS, or some other XMS memory manager, in your CONFIG.SYS file to allow the demo to take advantage of Extended Memory. ***** NOTE ***** It has been observed that on some machines HIMEM.SYS doesn't seem to allocate enough XMS handles to properly run the demo. If you notice random patterns on the screen where walls should be then try the following in your CONFIG.SYS file; device=HIMEM.SYS /numhandles=*** (or higher...maybe 96) Hopefully this will solve the problem. What the ZIP file contains: (Installation) Copy DEMO.ZIP to a subdirectory on your hard disk. Use something like ACKDEMO or DEMO as an example of the directory name. DO NOT unzip into the root directory! ********* READ THIS! ********** READ THIS! *********** READ THIS! ********** Use the -d option when unzipping the file ACKDEMO.ZIP to create the required subdirectories. You should see \BITMAPS and \SOUND created as sub- directories in the directory you placed DEMO.ZIP. The demo will not run properly if the subdirectories are not created and may require a hard reboot to correct! Also, be sure to look at the batch file descriptions below for various configurations to run the demo. ********* READ THIS! ********** READ THIS! *********** READ THIS! ********** The main directory contains the batch files, readme.1st and story.doc files that you should take a look at before running the demo. The BITMAPS directory holds all the screen and wall bitmaps used by the demo. These are all in Deluxe Paint II format. The SOUND directory holds the background music .CMF files as well as the sound effect files (.VOC and .PWM) used by the demo. Starting the Demo: Several .BAT files have been included to start the demo in a variety of configurations. These are listed below; RUN.BAT <- Starts the demo with no sound and the mouse in mode 1. RUNPC.BAT <- Starts the demo using the PC speaker and the mouse in mode 1. RUNSND.BAT <- Starts the demo with sound effects but no background music, and the mouse in mode 1. RUNMUS.BAT <- Starts the demo with music and sound effects and the mouse in mode 1. Mouse Modes: The demo allows two different ways of handling the mouse. Mode 0 (the default mode) displays a mouse cursor that can be positioned in the viewing window and changes to show which direction the player will move. This mode is similiar to that used in games like Underworld II. Mouse Mode 1 causes the ... ...