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EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发) (0, 2008-04-22)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsb.aps (35408, 2006-05-29)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsb.bbs (119, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsb.dsp (12466, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsb.dsw (533, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsb.inf (5380, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsb.ncb (115712, 2006-05-29)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsb.opt (51712, 2006-05-29)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsb.plg (69, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsb.rc (1698, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsb.sys (54656, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbDevice.cpp (47346, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbDevice.h (4517, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbDeviceIoctl.h (5983, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbDriver.cpp (3042, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbDriver.h (748, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbFilt.inf (5806, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbFirmware.cpp (12258, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbFirmware.h (2799, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbIntTransfer.cpp (4991, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbIntTransfer.h (6553, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbIsoTransfer.cpp (14435, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbIsoTransfer.h (17063, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\EzUsbMonitor.cpp (55284, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\function.h (871, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\makefile (289, 2004-12-20)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk (0, 2008-04-22)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386 (0, 2008-04-22)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\EzUsb.NMS (2090416, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\ezusb.pdb (716800, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\EzUsb.res (872, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\EzUsb.sys (127104, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\EzUsbDevice.obj (218706, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\EzUsbDevice.sbr (612910, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\EzUsbDriver.obj (65049, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\EzUsbDriver.sbr (604564, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\EzUsbFirmware.obj (8785, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\EzUsbFirmware.sbr (207897, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\EzUsbIntTransfer.obj (38794, 2006-03-01)
EZ_USB_DRV驱动程序源代码(VC工程文件,DriverStudio 3.2开发)\objchk\i386\EzUsbIntTransfer.sbr (578730, 2006-03-01)
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Readme.txt - DriverWorks EzUsb example Copyright (c) 1999 Compuware Corporation This sample is designed as a drop in replacement for the USB generic driver for the Cypress/Anchor Chips EZ_USB Development Kit. The sample driver is designed to work on Windows *** and Windows 2000 operating systems. To install the driver for use with the Cypress/Anchor Chips EZ_USB Development Kit, use the EzUsb.inf file included with the sample. Remove existing drivers installed for the Development Kit prior to installing the sample. The EzUsb.inf file includes support for the following EZ_USB Development Kits, identified by Vendor and Product Id: VID=0547 PID=0080: Anchor Chips EZ-USB Development Board VID=0547 PID=1002: Anchor Chips EZ-USB Sample Device VID=0547 PID=2131: Anchor Chips EZ-USB (2131Q/2131S/2135S) VID=0547 PID=2126: Anchor Chips EZ-USB (2126S) VID=0547 PID=2125: Anchor Chips EZ-USB (2121S/2125S) VID=0547 PID=2136: Anchor Chips EZ-USB (2136S) VID=0547 PID=2235: Anchor Chips EZ-USB (2235) VID=0547 PID=2236: Anchor Chips EZ-USB (2236) VID=0547 PID=2225: Anchor Chips EZ-USB (2225) VID=0547 PID=2226: Anchor Chips EZ-USB (2226) VID=04B4 PID=8613: Cypress EZ-USB FX2 (68613) VID=04B4 PID=1002: Cypress EZ-USB FX2 Sample Device VID=04B4 PID=0081: Cypress EZ-USB FX2 Development Board To install the DriverWorks UsbFilt sample as a lower filter driver for this example, use the EzUsbFilt.inf file included with the sample. The UsbFilt driver must first be built before installing the sample with EzUsbFilt.inf. To test interrupt transfer code, Walter Oney's device firmware was used. This firmware is not distributed with this sample. If you have his book, you can test this code by downloading his sample firmware. For an excellent reference of WDM device drivers, see his book "Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model" http://www.oneysoft.com/ You can test this program by running Cypress's "EZ_USB Control Panel", which is installed from the CDROM that accompanies the EZ_USB board. The program is accessible as C:\Cypress\USB\Bin\EzMr.exe. Once you load the program, you can go to "Help" and then "Contents and Tutorials" for an introduction to testing the board and the driver. A quick test is to select the correct board type in the "Target" dropdown box and then click on the "GetDev" button. You should get a short report that looks like this: Device Descriptor: bLength: 18 bDescriptorType: 1 bcdUSB: 256 bDeviceClass: 0xff bDeviceSubClass: 0xff bDeviceProtocol: 0xff bMaxPacketSize0: 0x40 idVendor: 0x547 idProduct: 0x2131 bcdDevice: 0x4 iManufacturer: 0x0 iProduct: 0x0 iSerialNumber: 0x0 bNumConfigurations: 0x1 Note that the chip should respond with the same Vendor and Product ids that belong to your board and that are selected from the .inf install file. In this case, for example, the Vendor Id is 0x547 and the Product Id is 0x2131, which tells us that the board is an Anchor Chips EZ_USB Model 2131 or 2135. Another quick test is to hit the Download button and download file dev_io.hex from the C:\Cypress\USB\Examples\EZ_USB\dev_io directory (or from the FX2\dev_io directory depending on your EZ_USB board). If it works, the one-digit LED display in your board will lit up with a value (typically 0). You can now press the on-board f1 and f2 buttons to increment the LED value, or press f1 or f4 to reset it to a value of 0 or F. You can find more information in the documentation that accompanies your EZ_USB board, or in the "HELP" section of your EZ_USB Control Panel. If you want to do more detailed testing, you can use the Keil UV2.EXE program, which allows you to cross-compile C-code and download it to be run on your EZ_USB board.