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LICENSING: A commercial-use license is available for US$125/server. Other pricing options are available, details are available online, or contact me at... Andrew G. Davison 20 Leighton Street Wavell Heights Brisbane 4012 Australia DESCRIPTION Created an OCX with send + receive mail functionality. Copy the file POSTIEX.DLL to your windows system directory and register it with the REGSVR32 program... > cd \winnt\system32 > regsvr32 postiex.dll OR If registering the full release then you must also copy LIBEAY32.DLL and SSLEAY32.DLL to the Windows system directory. You may also need a copy of ATL.DLL from Microsoft which you must FIRST register as above. A copy is not included in the release. Most MS products now come with a copy. The test ASP script POSTIEX.ASP should show you everything needed to get going. In VBScript or JavaScript it's easy, for C++ or other you are more or less on your own. The following is a guide... Invocation... Set postie = Server.CreateObject("Postie.Postie") NOTE: An individiual 'Postie' object can only have one sending connection (SMTP, NNTP or IMAP4) and/or one reading connection (POP3, IMAP4) open at a time. That is, one of each. postie.SetPool(short min_size, short timeout) // NOT IN DEMO RELEASE ... enable IMAP persistent connection pooling. Set 'min-size' to to the minimum number of idle connections to keep in the pool (zero means no pooling). Set 'timeout' to the time in seconds before an idle connection is deleted from the pool (only if more than 'min_size' connections). Connections are always created on demand and added back into the pool after use. This feature is only available with servers that support re-LOGIN after a LOGOUT (such as InfraMail). Translate an ip-address to a name... BSTR postie.Gethostbyaddr(BSTR ip-address) Sending-mail method summary... postie.EnableSSL(short tls, short ssl) // NOT IN DEMO RELEASE ... enable SSL/TLS for servers that 1) support STARTTLS/STLS if 'tls' equals 1 or 2) support SSL special ports if 'ssl' equals 1. The two params are mutually exlusive and by default both are off. Please be aware of your local export/patent laws regarding use and redistribution of SSL enabled products. postie.ConnectImaptp(BSTR host, BSTR service) // NOT IN DEMO RELEASE postie.ConnectSmtp(BSTR host, BSTR service) postie.ConnectNntp(BSTR host, BSTR service) // NOT IN DEMO RELEASE ... where 'host' is the name of a server or a comma-separated list of servers that will queue mail. If a list of servers then they will be tried in the order specified. And 'service' is usually "smtp" or 25 for mail, "nntp" or 119 for news and 'imap' or '143' for Imap. postie.Login(BSTR userid, BSTR password) // NOT IN DEMO RELEASE .. pretty-much self-explanatory. postie.SetMbox(BSTR mailbox) // NOT IN DEMO RELEASE ... set the current IMAP4 mailbox. Use the '/' character (not always, but it's most common) as a mailbox hierarchy separator rather like a URL. For example "docs" or "docs/19***". postie.SetUserHeaders(BSTR headers) // NOT IN DEMO RELEASE ... set user defined headers in an outgoing message. For example... postie.SetUserHeaders("X-MyHeader1: blurdy\r\nX-MyHeader2: bloop\r\n"); and note: each header must be terminated with a CR+LF (as above). postie.SetMimetype(BSTR mimetype) // NOT IN DEMO RELEASE ... where 'mimetype' is the MIME type set int the Content-Type header (default value is 'text/plain'. postie.SetCharset(BSTR charset) // NOT IN DEMO RELEASE ... where 'charset' is the name of a character-set encoding eg. "ISO-8859-5" for Cyrillic, or "ISO-8859-7" for Greek, or "ISO-8859-2" for Central European". The default is "ISO-8859-1" for Western (English). po ... ...