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说明:  opengl例子2
(opengl example 2)

CHAPTER02 (0, 2004-01-05)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框 (0, 2004-01-05)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\DEBUG.CPP (1821, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\DEBUG.H (1662, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\OPENGL对话框.CLW (168, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\OPENGL对话框.CPP (1001, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\OPENGL对话框.DSP (8428, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\OPENGL对话框.DSW (549, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\OPENGL对话框.H (580, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\OPENGL对话框.NCB (41984, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\OPENGL对话框.OPT (48640, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\OPENGL对话框.PLG (3078, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\OPENGL对话框.RC (3613, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\OPENGL对话框AW.CPP (3032, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\OPENGL对话框AW.H (1235, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\RESOURCE.H (491, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\STDAFX.CPP (203, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\STDAFX.H (900, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\TEMPLATE (0, 2004-01-05)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\TEMPLATE\DIALOG.H (1857, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\TEMPLATE\OPENGL.H (1393, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\TEMPLATE\ROOT.CLW (1230, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\TEMPLATE\ROOT.CPP (2146, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\TEMPLATE\ROOT.H (1380, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\TEMPLATE\ROOT.RC (5242, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\TEMPLATE\STDAFX.H (1329, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\TEMPLATE\RES (0, 2004-01-05)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\TEMPLATE\RES\Thumbs.db (3072, 2002-12-24)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\RES (0, 2004-01-05)
CHAPTER02\OPENGL对话框\RES\OPENGL对话框.ICO (766, 2002-12-24)
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======================================================================== CUSTOM APPWIZARD: OpenGL对话框 ======================================================================== AppWizard has created a OpenGL对话框 DLL for you. This DLL is the starting point for writing your custom AppWizard. It demonstrates the basics of creating a custom AppWizard. Although your custom AppWizard is a DLL, it has the special suffix AWX. When you build OpenGL对话框.awx, it will automatically be copied to your Template directory. Your custom AppWizard will then appear as a choice in the Project Type drop-list in the New Workspace and Insert Project dialogs. To run your custom AppWizard, simply create a new workspace (or insert a project into the current workspace), and select your custom AppWizard from the Project Type drop-list. This file contains a summary of what you will find in each of the files that make up your OpenGL对话框 DLL. OpenGL对话框.dsw This file (the project workspace file) contains information on the contents and organization of the project workspace. Other users can share the project workspace (.dsw) file, but they should export the makefiles locally. Files associated with the project workspace file are a project file (.dsp) for each project in the workspace and a workspace options file (.opt). OpenGL对话框.dsp This file (the project file) contains information at the project level and is used to build a single project or subproject. Other users can share the project (.dsp) file, but they should export the makefiles locally. OpenGL对话框.opt This file (the workspace options file) contains the workspace settings that you specify in the Project Settings dialog. These settings specify the appearance of the project workspace using your hardware and configuration. This binary file is automatically generated when you open the .dsw or .dsp file in the IDE. You should not share the .opt file, because it contains information specific to your computer. OpenGL对话框.ncb This file provides information on the NCB (No Compile Browse) parser, the mechanism that updates ClassView and WizardBar. This is a binary file that is generated automatically and should not be shared. OpenGL对话框.cpp This file is the main DLL source file that contains the definition of DllMain(). It also exports the function GetCustomAppWizClass(), which returns a pointer to the one instance of this custom AppWizard's CCustomAppWiz-derived class. OpenGL对话框.h This file is the main header file for the DLL. It includes your RESOURCE.H file. OpenGL对话框.rc This file is a listing of all of the Microsoft Windows resources that the program uses. It includes all of your custom AppWizard's templates as custom resources of type "TEMPLATE". These resources are pointers to the files in your project's TEMPLATE directory. This file can be directly edited in the Visual C++ development environment. However, you will probably want to edit your templates by opening the template files directly in the source editor rather than by editing the "TEMPLATE" resources from the Visual C++ resource editor. OpenGL对话框.clw This file contains information used by ClassWizard to edit existing classes or add new classes. ClassWizard also uses this file to store information needed to create and edit message maps and dialog data maps and to create prototype member functions. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Custom AppWizard Interface: OpenGL对话框Aw.h, OpenGL对话框Aw.cpp - the CCustomAppWiz class These files contain your CCustomAppWiz-derived class, COpenGLAppWiz. This class contains virtual member f ... ...