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说明:  检测CPU的运行状态
( Examines CPU the running status )

CPU.frm (10939, 1999-09-25)
CPU.frx (1090, 1999-09-25)
CPU.VBP (859, 1999-09-25)
CPU.vbw (51, 1999-09-25)
Readme.txt (1519, 1998-06-05)

监视 CPU 使用情况的例子 双击终止程序 CPU Program - by Tim Warthen (tlwarth@mkg.com) Please direct your questions, comments to Tim Warthen tlwarth@mkg.com P.O. Box 517 Cadet, MO 63630 To exit or end this program while it is running, just double click anywhere on the form or SSPanels. This example demonstrates how to query Windows 95's registry for the CPUUsage. It returns a number between 0 and 100. The example displays the CPUUsage as 10 boxes (1 box of course, represents 10%). This example also uses the SetWindowPos API function to set the form to the TOPMOST position making it visible at all times. You could add more code to check if another program is maximized and then move the CPU form so that it doesn't cover the minimize, maximize or exit buttons on a form. If you wanted to permanently have the CPU form over far enough as to not cover the control buttons of the form you could just change this line in the form load event Form1.Left = Screen.Width - Form1.Width change to : Form1.Left = Screen.Width - (Form1.Width + 700) The Timer interval is set to 500. You can change to be larger to make the program not query the registry so often. However, I wouldn't change it any lower than 500 because you must remember. Each time you query the registry you are using a small percentage of the CPU. I tested this program once with a timer interval of 0 and it maxed out the CPU. (not exactly the desired effect.) 500 seems to work wonderfully.