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This directory has a special behavior. When the server is running in development mode, applications or modules placed in this directory deploy automatically. The file (or files) you place in this directory can be: * A J2EE application EAR file * A WAR, EJB JAR, RAR, or CAR archived module * An exploded directory structure, either for an application or a module To auto deploy, all you need to do is: * Start the server in development mode. * Place the exploded directory structure or archive file in this directory. When you auto deploy, the server automatically adds an entry for your application or module to the domain's config.xml file. You do not need to edit config.xml directly. UNDERSTANDING THE DOMAIN DEFAULT BEHAVIORS If you have reached this file, you are in the mydomain, examples, or petstore domain. Each domain starts in development or production mode by default. Development mode enables auto deployment, and production mode disables it. The default behaviors are: * examples - development mode, with auto deployment * petstore - production mode, no auto deployment * mydomain - production mode, no auto deployment STARTING THE SERVER IN DEVELOPMENT MODE You now need to start one of the servers. If you are in the examples domain, you will start the examples server; in the petstore domain, the Pet Store server; in mydomain, a WebLogic administration server. To start one of the servers in development mode, do either of the following: 1) Edit the server's start script, then use the script to start the server. The start script has a file suffix of either .cmd (for Windows) or .sh (for Unix). * For the examples domain, edit startExamplesServer. * For the petstore domain, edit startPetStore. * For mydomain, edit startWebLogic. Use a text editor to edit this line in the start script: set STARTMODE= For production mode, set the value to TRUE. For development mode and auto deployment, set it to FALSE or leave it blank. 2) Start the server from the command line with the ProductionModeEnabled flag set to false. Start the server using a Java interpreter command line appropriate for your server, like this one, but all on one line: % java -ms200m -mx200m -classpath $CLASSPATH -Dweblogic.Name=myserver -Dweblogic.ProductionModeEnabled=false -Dweblogic.management.username=myUserName -Dweblogic.management.password=myPassword weblogic.Server For more details on how to start a server from the command line, see the BEA WebLogic Server Administration Guide on http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs70/adminguide/startstop.html.