DVDx 2 0 source codec

开发工具:Visual C++
上传日期:2004-07-10 08:59:30
上 传 者freeit
说明:  DVD解码,包括avi、mpeg、DVD解码等代码
(DVD decoding, including code and so on avi, mpeg, DVD decoding )

DVDx20 (0, 2002-06-10)
DVDx20\AboutBoxDlg.cpp (3260, 2002-05-27)
DVDx20\AboutBoxDlg.h (1557, 2002-04-07)
DVDx20\aplayer.cpp (8107, 2002-02-13)
DVDx20\aplayer.h (1654, 2002-02-13)
DVDx20\authorize.c (16619, 2002-01-18)
DVDx20\AVI_LIB (0, 2002-06-10)
DVDx20\AVI_LIB\Avi.h (1622, 2002-05-27)
DVDx20\AVI_LIB\avi_lib.cpp (36161, 2002-05-27)
DVDx20\AVI_LIB\avi_lib.dsp (4945, 2002-03-02)
DVDx20\AVI_LIB\avi_lib.plg (972, 2002-02-18)
DVDx20\AVI_LIB\lame_init.cpp (6289, 2002-06-03)
DVDx20\AVI_LIB\nlame.h (15262, 2002-02-01)
DVDx20\changes_px3.txt (1464, 2001-09-22)
DVDx20\ConsoleDlg.cpp (961, 2001-07-12)
DVDx20\ConsoleDlg.h (1164, 2001-07-05)
DVDx20\ControlLang.cpp (11517, 2002-05-27)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB (0, 2002-06-10)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\16011.obj (745, 2002-06-06)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\16013.obj (745, 2002-06-06)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\16015.obj (745, 2002-06-06)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\16017.obj (745, 2002-06-06)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\16019.obj (745, 2002-06-06)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\1603.obj (745, 2002-06-06)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\1605.obj (745, 2002-06-06)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\1607.obj (745, 2002-06-06)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\1609.obj (745, 2002-06-06)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\ASPI (0, 2002-06-10)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\aspi.c (11695, 2002-04-07)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\aspi.h (2427, 2002-01-18)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\ASPI\scsidefs.h (15019, 1998-06-29)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\ASPI\wnaspi32.h (18529, 1998-06-25)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\auth.c (2060, 2002-06-10)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\authorize.c (18149, 2002-06-10)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\CSS_lib.dsp (5805, 2002-03-02)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\CSS_lib.dsw (729, 2001-07-04)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\CSS_lib.opt (57856, 2001-07-05)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\CSS_lib.plg (1592, 2002-04-07)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\DeCSS.h (3518, 2002-06-06)
DVDx20\CSS_LIB\file_io.c (11420, 2002-02-18)
... ...

DVDx 2.0 : DVD to VCD/SCVD/AVI converter by Jean-Luc PONS DVDx allows you to convert DVD to VCD2.0/SVCD1.0/AVI in one step (Including multiplexing, splitting). It produces good quality movies in AVI/MPEG1/2 format and you don't need to have 5Gb free on your hard disk ! DVDx has been tested on ***, Windows2000 and XP What do you need ? ================== -DirectX 8.1 -A CDROM burning tool to write your VCD (like Nero). -Adaptec ASPI Driver 4.60 (highly recommended) -Eventualy a DVD player (like WinDVD or Power DVD) How to install ? ================ - Run the Setup program Version history: =============== 2.0: Bugs fixed: -Decoder initialisation -MPA decoder -Player -Shutdown bug on 2000,XP -Audio and subtitle stream ID GUI improvement Skinned GUI AV synch improvement 48KHz support for AVI Support for new release of nLame 1.8a: Bugs fixed: -Motion Compensation (decoder) -Wrong subtite color SSE/3DnowExt BiLinear filtering SSE/3DnowExt Motion comp (decoder) 1.8: Bugs fixed: -WNASPI (for file bigger than 1Gb) -Blinking subtitle -Crash with subtitle -Crackling sound (The end) Support for Lame MP3. Solve all DivX synch problem (at least for me) Playback Multi Language More reliable AV Synch algorithm iDCT SSE Full MPEG1/2 input Load/Save project 1.7: Export AC3 (AVI+Premiere) Export YUV (AVI+Premiere) Bit rate calculator (when splitting by chapter) P4 Optimizations and other speed improvements 1.6: Chapter support (Now you can split AVI/MPG by chapter) Integrated AVI multiplexer Integrated Audio Codec support (no more WAV export) Best resize/crop Volume don't exceed combo box 1.5a: Bug fixed: Cracking sound when encoding through the premiere interface Dolby Suround downmix flag 1.5: Bugs fixed: GUI bugs Volume greater than 4Gb Resize Filters (no more bad side) AVI splitting (no more crash when splitting DivX) DeMacrovision HDD Buffer (Save the DVD drive) Resize / Crop (Custom zoom) PX3 optimization (not ended) Few improvement in the motion search (internal encoder) 1.4b: Bugs fixed: CCE premiere plugin bugs. AVI output (only compressed AVI) 1.4a; Bugs fixed: 29.97 Frame rate when usign Premiere plugin. Deinterlace Filter (PAL Only) 1.4: Bugs fixed: Bugs with K6 processors. Bugs in audio normal quality mode. Automatic Audio/Video Synchronisation Best filter (highest quality and speed) Multi PASS support (tested with TMPGEnc) Fast routines from AMD develloper connexion (Only K7 or higher) 1.3: Bugs fixed: SVCD bugs Premiere plugin encoder support (not 100% of plugins and 1 PASS only) More input and output settings Auto setting for VCD/SVCD 1.2: Bugs fixed: Bad looking subtitle. DVDx crash when jumping near the end. SVCD support LPCM support Best quality features Faster MMX quantization DVD root window (more friendly way to select IFO) 1.1: Bugs fixed New frame rate converter (should work with NTSC now) Drive Authentification Assembly DeCSS Subtitle More input and output parameters 1.0a: Few bugs fixed MPEG2 Decoder initialistation improvement 1.0: First realease How to compile the source ? =========================== - You need Microsoft VC++ 6.0 + SP5 + Processor Pack + DirectX 8.1 SDK - Intel C++ Compiler 5.0 or higher to build the P4 release - Main project is called mpeg_encode (not DVDx) ... ...