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PSwing 1.0 Readme 08/11/2003 INTRODUCTION -------------------------------------------------- Thank you for downloading PSwing! PSwing contains a number of very useful Java Swing components that are simple to incorporate into your Java Swing applications. PSwing has no 3rd party dependencies. Just drop the pswing.jar into your classpath and you're ready to go. THE COMPONENTS -------------------------------------------------- PSwing includes the following components (please refer to the API documentation for complete information on each component): PComboBox --------- com.pallas.swing.pcombobox.PComboBox Our signature component. PComboBox is an enhanced JComboBox that behaves more like a typical GUI application combo box. The user types the viewable string of the item they want to select, and the closest match will be selected, instead of the default Java functionality which only looks at the first letter of each string in the list. Note: Remember that you must call buildIndex() on PComboBox after you have added all items. DateComboBox ------------ An easy-to-use date component. Includes a popup date calendar. And provides a getDate() method to return the selected date as java.util.Date. PSearchCombo ------------ com.pallas.swing.psearchcombo.PSearchCombo An enhanced version of PComboBox. Contains all the functionality of PComboBox plus a "search" panel that allows the user to enter just a few letters to quickly narrow down a very long list. Check it out! Note: Remember that you must call buildIndex() on PSearchCombo after you have added all items. ColorSelector ------------- com.pallas.swing.color.ColorSelector A simple tool to allow users to select a color. Basically this is a JButton that displays a color. When the user clicks the button, a dialog that contains the JColorChooser pops up, allowing the user to change the color. getColor() method returns the selected color as java.awt.Color. FontSelector ------------ com.pallas.swing.font.FontSelector Simple component to allow users to select a font. Includes a PComboBox containing all font families on user's computer, plus components for size and bold/italic. Returns the selected font via getSelectedFont(). PIntField --------- com.pallas.swing.PIntField A JTextField optomized for int values. Will not let user enter a non-int value. No error message pops up, however. Simply re-sets to previous int value if user enters a non-int value. Also right-aligned by default. Returns int value through getInt() method. KNOWN ISSUE -------------------------------------------------- Please note that PSwing (especially PComboBox and DateComboBox) does not work properly under Java 1.4.0. This is not a bug in PSwing! It is a bug in the focus listener implementation in Java 1.4.0. PSwing has been thoroughly tested under Java 1.3 and 1.4.1. COPYRIGHT -------------------------------------------------- PSwing is copyright 2003 Pallas Technology ( and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. See license file for details.