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说明:  采用CAST-256位加密的Back Orifice 2000(BO2000)插件
(using CAST-256-bit encryption Back Orifice 2000 (BO2000 ) plugin)

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cast_src\cast256s.h (16305, 1999-08-07)
cast_src\debug.cpp (1401, 1999-08-07)
cast_src\global.h (901, 1999-08-07)
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cast_src\include\comm_native.h (5435, 1999-07-03)
cast_src\include\config.h (919, 1999-07-03)
cast_src\include\encryption.h (2837, 1999-07-03)
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CAST-256 Strong Encryption Plugin for Back Orifice 2000 Copyright (C) 1999, Daniel Roethlisberger Version 2.4, August 3rd, 1999 ------[ Description ] This is a plugin for the remote administration suite Back Orifice 2000 (BO2K) from the one and only, the Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc). Released at DEFCON 7, BO2K was subject to massive hype even weeks before the actual release of it. This plugin adds CAST6-256 encryption capability to your BO2K, with or without CBC-Mode. The strongest available encryption for BO2K. As simple as that. Isn't that great? ------[ Security Considerations ] CAST-256 offers the strongest encryption power known to Back Orifice 2000. CAST-256 uses user keys of 256 bits length (Comparison: TripleDES 168 bits, IDEA 128 bits). There are no known attacks against the algorithm. The plugin implements both ECB and CBC modes for either improved security (CBC) or more transport flexibility (ECB). The canadian algorithm CAST-256 is one of the candidates for the Advanced Encryption Standard AES, which will be the successor of the Data Encryption Standard (DES). I tested my CAST-256 implementation against the test vectors defined in RFC 2612 to ensure its validity, and I used the official MD5 reference implementation from RSA. To sum it up: I would call CAST-256 absolutely secure at present and near future technology level. ------[ What's New? ] v2.4, August 3rd 1999 Using MD5 for determining initialization vector and abusing the initialization vector to XOR the data blocks in ECB mode. Improved security. v2.3, August 1st 1999 Password bug has been fixed. Cos I used Maw~'s faulty MD5 module, the password did not matter at all, dangerously. You should have me shot for being so stupid. I'm using the official implementation from RSA now. v2.2, July 30th 1999 Fixed eternally stupid bug disabling CBC-Mode. Updated old label returned by query. Silly me. v2.1, July 29th 1999 Support for passwords up to 256 chars long. Some bug fixes in MD5 module by Maw~ as well. v2.0, July 28th 1999 Did a complete implementation of CAST-256 from scratch (RFC) in place of CAST-128. First release. Great success. Scored 5 stars at, had hundreds of downloads in the first 24 hours. v1.1, July 26th 1999 Added CBC-Mode. Some bug fixes as well. v1.0, July 25th 1999 Used Norwegian implementation of CAST-128. Worked fine. I never released this version. ------[ Usage / Installation ] Add the plugin to both the client and the server, be sure to configure matching key strings and check the CBC setting. You should now be able to select CAST from any encryption drop-down menu, and you can specify CAST in any Encryption setting. Please be sure to use CAST both in the client and the server, otherwise it wont work (surprise, surprise). If you can't figure out how to add plugins I suggest you go to your local software store and acquire a copy of PC Anywhere [tm], so you wont have to coap with the tremendous difficult task of adding a plugin :-P ------[ ECB vs. CBC Mode ] Many commonly used ciphers (e.g., IDEA, DES, Blowfish) are block ciphers. This means that they take a fixed-size block of data (usually *** bits), and transform it to another *** bit block using a function selected by the key. The cipher basically defines a one-to-one mapping from ***-bit integers to another perm ... ...