开发工具:Visual Basic
上传日期:2004-07-22 15:42:31
上 传 者benhack
说明:  程序里有一个张图片.把图片移动到星号密码上,密码的原
(there are procedures for a photo. Pictures moved to the asterisk password, the original password)

crackPassword.bas (2849, 2000-12-29)
crackPassword.vbp (831, 2000-12-29)
crackPassword.vbw (145, 2000-12-29)
frmAbout.frm (7037, 2000-12-29)
frmAbout.frx (8104, 2000-12-29)
frmMain.frm (10824, 2000-09-15)
frmMain.frx (11087, 2000-09-15)
Read Me.txt (34, 2001-11-01)
readme.txt (1114, 2000-12-29)

crackPassword v1.0 README.TXT Last Revision: 29/Dec/2000 ============================= Saved passwords are great - one less thing to remember. The dialog appears with those charming asterisks and you simply hit enter. But what to do if you need to remember your password? crackPassword is a very simple program that can see the passwords hiden behind these asterisks and remember them for you. It uses a few Windows' API functions to reveal a text from Password Fields. Files in package... > crackPassword.exe crackPassword's executable file. > crackpassword.vbp Visual Basic 6 project files. crackpassword.vbw > crackPassword.bas Visual Basic 6 source code files. frmMain.frm frmMain.frx frmAbout.frm frmAbout.frx > readme.txt README file. Disclaimer: I can under no circumstances be held responsible for any consequences of your use/misuse of this software, whatever that may be (system crash, loss of data of any kind, world war, etc...). USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! It is your responsibility to comply with local or federal laws regarding the use of this program.