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说明:  将tga格式转换为gif和fli格式
( The tga format conversion is gif and the fli form )

ANIM (0, 1993-10-09)
ANIM.CMD (948, 1992-11-09)
ANIM.SH (37, 1992-11-30)
ANIM1.SH (602, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT (0, 1993-10-09)
ANIMDAT\ANIMDAT.C (10590, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\ANIMDAT.DOC (8484, 1992-07-23)
ANIMDAT\BBALL.POV (656, 1992-10-23)
ANIMDAT\BBALL.VAR (1018, 1992-07-02)
ANIMDAT\BTREE.C (9895, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\BTREE.H (1621, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\COMMON.H (1450, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\ERROR.C (1596, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\ERROR.H (1354, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\LINK.CMD (44, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\MAKEDOS (1119, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\MAKEFILE.DEP (1679, 1992-10-23)
ANIMDAT\MAKEOS2 (571, 1992-10-23)
ANIMDAT\MAKEUNIX (490, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\SCANNER.C (10396, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\SCANNER.H (1718, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\SYMTAB.C (5159, 1992-11-30)
ANIMDAT\SYMTAB.H (1505, 1992-11-30)
ANIM\ANIMFLI.C (4938, 1992-11-30)
ANIM\LINK.CMD (51, 1992-11-30)
ANIM\MAKEDOS (830, 1992-11-30)
ANIM\MAKEFILE.DEP (889, 1992-10-27)
ANIM\MAKEOS2 (766, 1992-10-27)
ANIM\MAKEUNIX (889, 1992-11-30)
BBALL.POV (656, 1992-10-23)
BBALL.VAR (1018, 1992-07-02)
DISPLAY (0, 1993-10-09)
DISPLAY\DISPLAY.C (5032, 1992-03-03)
DISPLAY\MAKEFILE (523, 1992-11-30)
FLILIB (0, 1993-10-09)
FLILIB\AAERR.H (830, 1992-11-30)
FLILIB\AAFII.H (1077, 1992-11-30)
FLILIB\AAFLI.H (3073, 1992-11-30)
FLILIB\AAFLISAV.H (1380, 1992-11-30)
... ...

Persistence of Vision Quantiser Utilities version 1.6 ===================================================== SOURCE CODE (PVQUAN16.ZIP) =========================== Description ~~~~~~~~~~~ This archive contains the source code for a set of programs to convert image files produced by DKB-Trace or the Persistence of Vision raytracer into a format suitable for display on a VGA screen, or to GIF format. It includes programs to generate a single stereoscopic 3D image from two views of a scene, as well as programs to produce animation from multiple ray-traced images. QUANT (HECKBERT & OCTREE): Colour quantisation program which post-processes raw image files produced by the Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer (PoV Ray). Two versions can be compiled: one uses Heckbert's median-splitting algorithm, whereas the other uses Octree quantisation. DISPLAY: Displays either 320x400 or 320x200 images on a VGA screen, either 2D, or stereo 3D. 3D images require Sega 3D-glasses to be connected to the serial port for viewing. ANIMDAT: Reads an animation source file (*.VAR), and uses it to generate data files for the PoV ray tracer. ANIMFLI: Produces a .FLI file containing a series of images to be displayed by a .FLI player (e.g. Autodesk's AAPLAY). PVQUAN16.ZIP Archive contents ============================= This archive contains subdirectory information... unzip it using PKUNZIP -d PVQUAN16 It will create a subdirectory tree in your current directory as follows: pvquan Sample files quant Heckbert and Octree quantisers animdat Animation Scene file generator giflib GIF encode/decode library flilib FLI creation library anim FLI creation source code vga VGA mode-X library display VGA 3D display Each directory contains source code, plus make-files to produce executable programs via MS-DOS, OS/2, or Unix. You may also wish to create a BIN directory off the PVQUAN directory... the sample make-files attempt to place executable programs there. To create your own executables: 1. In each directory, rename the appropriate version of the makefile to MAKEFILE (e.g. REN MAKEDOS MAKEFILE if compiling for DOS). Because both quantisers use common code, they are contained in the same directory. This causes some problems in terms of naming the makefiles. In MS-DOS, rename MAKEDOS.HEC to MAKEFILE to produce HECKBERT.EXE rename MAKEDOS.OCT to MAKEFILE to produce OCTREE.EXE In OS/2, rename MAKEFILE.OCT to MAKEFILE to produce OCTREE.EXE rename MAKEHEC.DEP to MAKEFILE.DEP to produce HECKBERT.EXE In Unix, rename MAKEUNIX.HEC to MAKEFILE to produce HECKBERT rename MAKEUNIX.OCT to MAKEFILE to produce OCTREE 2. Edit each makefile to include the correct path to your compiler, linker, executable location, etc. In MS-DOS, all source files compile and link cleanly (no warnings, no errors) using Turbo C++ v1.0. Other versions of Turbo-C should also work. Some editing will be required for other compilers. In OS/2, all source files compile and link cleanly (no warnings, no errors) using IBM's C Set/2 v1.0. Some editing will be required for other compilers. In Unix, all source files compile and link cleanly (no warnings, no errors) using GNU's gcc on a Sun IPC SPARCstation. The previous version compiled cleanly under SCO's cc compiler on a 486 PC, but this version hasn't been tested with that. Some editing will be required for other compilers. 3. Create FLI, GIF, and VGA libraries via MAKE. N ... ...