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说明:  FLI图像格式处理库
(FLI picture form processing storehouse )

AADOS.H (2874, 1990-02-20)
AAERR.H (830, 1990-02-20)
AAFLI.H (3201, 1990-02-20)
AAFLISAV.H (1418, 1990-02-20)
AASCREEN.H (1864, 1990-02-20)
AATYPES.H (1097, 1990-02-20)
ALLFLIS.C (682, 1990-02-20)
ALLFLIS.EXE (12696, 1990-02-20)
FLI.LIB (29184, 1989-12-18)
FLIDOC.TXT (45417, 1990-02-20)
FLISRC\AACLOCK.H (408, 1989-11-16)
FLISRC\AADOS.H (2874, 1990-02-20)
FLISRC\AAERR.H (830, 1990-02-20)
FLISRC\AAFII.H (1398, 1989-11-17)
FLISRC\AAFLI.H (3201, 1990-02-20)
FLISRC\AAFLISAV.H (1418, 1990-02-20)
FLISRC\AAI86.H (2016, 1990-02-26)
FLISRC\AASCREEN.H (1864, 1990-02-20)
FLISRC\AATYPES.H (1097, 1990-02-20)
FLISRC\BCOMPARE.ASM (482, 1989-12-18)
FLISRC\BCONTRAS.ASM (492, 1989-12-18)
FLISRC\BRUN.C (1651, 1989-11-17)
FLISRC\BSAME.ASM (427, 1989-12-18)
FLISRC\CHANGEDI.C (878, 1989-11-16)
FLISRC\CLOCK.ASM (1207, 1989-12-18)
FLISRC\COMPFRAM.C (1910, 1989-11-17)
FLISRC\COPYBYTE.ASM (808, 1989-12-18)
FLISRC\COPYSCRE.C (239, 1989-11-16)
FLISRC\COPYSTRU.ASM (935, 1989-12-18)
FLISRC\COPYWORD.ASM (836, 1989-12-18)
FLISRC\CREATFLI.C (2690, 1990-02-26)
FLISRC\CSETCOLO.ASM (1517, 1989-12-18)
FLISRC\DELDIR.C (259, 1989-11-17)
FLISRC\DIRLIST.C (881, 1989-11-16)
FLISRC\FCCOMP.C (1596, 1989-11-17)
FLISRC\FCOMPARE.ASM (396, 1989-11-10)
FLISRC\FCONTRAS.ASM (399, 1989-11-10)
FLISRC\FCUNCOMP.ASM (671, 1989-11-10)
FLISRC\FLIERR.C (549, 1989-11-16)
FLISRC\FLIMEM.C (129, 1989-11-10)
... ...

Fli.lib is a library of routines for creating and playing Autodesk Animator compatible .fli files. Fli.lib was developed with Turbo C and has also been tested with Microsoft C. It is a large model library. A detailed description of fli.lib is in flidoc.txt. flidoc.txt also includes byte-by-byte descriptions of most of the file formats used in the Autodesk Animator. Fli.lib and the associated source and documentation files are Copyright 1990 Dancing Flame, San Francisco. Permission is granted to distribute fli.lib and to use fli.lib in any non-commercial program. If you would like to use fli.lib in a commercial program please contact Dancing Flame. The normal licensing fee is the retail price of 5 copies of the program you are selling. For a printed copy of the documentation and copies of the library on floppy disk (please specify 3 1/2 inch or 5 1/4 inch format) please send a check or money order for $40.00 to: Dancing Flame 3312 16th St. San Francisco, CA 94114. (415) 861-6119 Dancing Flame is a small company dedicated to animation software and graphic simulations. We keep odd hours and often go on unannounced vacations. There is no phone answering machine. You are likely to get answers to your questions as quickly by mail as by phone. However if you must call you are more likely to get an answer from 1:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon, or on Fridays. If you have a BIX account, mail to jim_kent usually is answered in a day or two. The source to fli.lib is broken up into many small modules (58 in all) so that programs that do not use much of the fli.lib will not be burdened with excess code. Normally the linker will handle which modules to include for you, and you need not even look at the source. However if your programming environment is not compatible with Turbo C large model libraries or in other ways is unusual you may have to explore the sources. (You may be just curious for that matter.) To assist this there is a tags file included in the source archive which lists all C global symbols alphabetically, and what file they are in. Thank you very much. I hope the fli.lib is useful to you. -Jim Kent