开发工具:Visual C++
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说明:  显示截获浏览器中HTML页面按钮(不是Windows的按钮控件)OnClick事件,Disable浏览器右键,查看网页源码等功能按钮的程序
( In the demonstration interception browser the HTML page button (is not the Windows button controls) the OnClick event, the Disable browser right key, function button the and so on examination homepage source code procedure )

ChildFrm.cpp (1533, 1998-09-29)
ChildFrm.h (1397, 1998-09-29)
Debug (0, 1998-09-29)
Debug\Holder.exe (139316, 1999-01-25)
Debug\Holder.res (10848, 1999-01-25)
Debug\Holder.tlb (1704, 1999-01-23)
Holder.aps (47984, 1999-01-25)
Holder.clw (2879, 1999-01-25)
Holder.cpp (4762, 1998-09-29)
Holder.dsp (4934, 1999-01-23)
Holder.dsw (535, 1998-09-29)
Holder.h (1804, 1998-09-29)
Holder.odl (1125, 1999-01-25)
Holder.opt (54784, 1999-01-25)
Holder.plg (1103, 1999-01-25)
Holder.rc (14033, 1999-01-25)
HolderDoc.cpp (1742, 1998-09-29)
HolderDoc.h (1475, 1998-09-29)
HolderView.cpp (6497, 1999-01-25)
HolderView.h (2338, 1999-01-25)
MainFrm.cpp (2523, 1998-09-29)
MainFrm.h (1542, 1998-09-29)
MyManager.cpp (508, 1998-09-29)
MyManager.h (451, 1998-09-29)
MySite.cpp (4829, 1999-01-25)
MySite.h (1577, 1998-09-29)
page.htm (410, 1999-01-23)
ReadMe.txt (1936, 1999-01-23)
res (0, 1998-09-29)
resource.h (640, 1999-01-25)
res\Holder.ico (1078, 1998-09-29)
res\Holder.rc2 (398, 1998-09-29)
res\HolderDoc.ico (1078, 1998-09-29)
res\Toolbar.bmp (1078, 1998-09-29)
StdAfx.cpp (208, 1998-09-29)
StdAfx.h (1540, 1998-09-29)

This sample was written by me, Mike Blaszczak (which is spelled correctly) for the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference in Denver, Colorado, held in October, 19***. I've used it at several different talks since then. I've also made some enhancements to it over time. The sample demonstrates an application which uses the MFC CHtmlView class to show a web page. The sample overrides several implementation classes to expose an IDocHostUIHandler interface. The implementation of that interface, in turn, allows the sample to expose an IDispatch interface to DHTML code on the web page which queries for window.external. The file Page.HTM, which is loaded by the sample, contains several buttons which exercise DHTML code to call methods on the IDispatch interface surfaced by the container. The methods are quite simple, but demonstrate the potential of contained DHML using code supplied by the containing application to perform interesting work. This sample started out its life as a stock AppWizard MDI application which used the CHtmlView as the base class for its view. Modifications to the stock app are carefully marked by //SAMPLE comments throughout the code. Read them carefully--they sometimes apply to a few lines of code, and sometimes describe the purpose of an entire file. This sample is intended only to demonstrate the technique of having DHTML code call back into containing C++ code via OLE, as expressed in Mike's talk, "Internet Visual C++ blah, blah", and is has not been tested for any other purposes. In fact, if the sample works right on stage during the talk, buy lottery tickets because it's a lucky day. No support is available for this sample. You may write to Mike and not receive support in response by sending email to mikeblas@microsoft.com. See http://www.nwlink.com/~mikeblas/samples/ for more samples. Last updated: 23 January, 1999.