开发工具:Visual C++
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说明:  Beizer curve by sumanta guha nice work

sumantaFour\sumantaFour\stdafx.cpp (298, 2011-09-27)
sumantaFour\sumantaFour\stdafx.h (320, 2011-09-27)
sumantaFour\sumantaFour\sumantaFour.cpp (2481, 2011-09-27)
sumantaFour\sumantaFour\sumantaFour.vcproj (4534, 2011-09-27)
sumantaFour\sumantaFour\sumantaFour.vcproj.CHETHAN.ASHOK PATIL.user (1417, 2011-09-27)
sumantaFour\sumantaFour\targetver.h (765, 2011-09-27)
sumantaFour\sumantaFour.ncb (1403904, 2011-09-27)
sumantaFour\sumantaFour.sln (899, 2011-09-27)
sumantaFour\sumantaFour.suo (8704, 2011-09-27)
sumantaFour\sumantaFour (0, 2011-09-27)
sumantaFour (0, 2011-09-27)

======================================================================== CONSOLE APPLICATION : sumantaFour Project Overview ======================================================================== AppWizard has created this sumantaFour application for you. This file contains a summary of what you will find in each of the files that make up your sumantaFour application. sumantaFour.vcproj This is the main project file for VC++ projects generated using an Application Wizard. It contains information about the version of Visual C++ that generated the file, and information about the platforms, configurations, and project features selected with the Application Wizard. sumantaFour.cpp This is the main application source file. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Other standard files: StdAfx.h, StdAfx.cpp These files are used to build a precompiled header (PCH) file named sumantaFour.pch and a precompiled types file named StdAfx.obj. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Other notes: AppWizard uses "TODO:" comments to indicate parts of the source code you should add to or customize. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////