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说明:  我的团队在BEST Brasov Hackathon比赛中的代码和注释
(My team s Code and Notes throughout the BEST Brasov Hackathon competition @ https:


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Enhancing Learning Resources for University Students
# FreeFlow My team's Code and Notes throughout BEST Brasov Hackathon @ **FreeFlow** - Learn free with a different flow. # Description / Proposition **FreeFlow** is a comprehensive **e-learning platform** designed to enhance the learning experience for university students. Built on a powerful combination of Node.js and React, FreeFlow adopts the **xAPI** and **LTI paradigms**, providing a seamless and intuitive interface for both students and educators. This platform aims to offer a **rich learning environment**, making it easier for students to access relevant resources and for educators to **deliver content in a structured manner.** ## Features **xAPI Integration:** FreeFlow utilizes the xAPI (Experience API) to track and analyze student interactions with learning resources, enabling a personalized and adaptive learning experience. **LTI Support:** Leveraging the Learning Tools Interoperability standard, FreeFlow seamlessly integrates with various educational tools, creating a unified learning ecosystem. **Node.js Backend:** The backend is powered by Node.js, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and a robust server infrastructure. **React Frontend:** The frontend is built with React, providing a responsive and dynamic user interface for an optimal user experience within a single page application soon to be PWA. **Resource Recommendation:** FreeFlow employs intelligent algorithms to recommend learning resources based on user behavior, preferences, and academic progress with the help of Artificial Intelligence. # Documentation **FreeFlow** comes with a simple and straight forward work-*flow* . We document the steps needed to configure and run a dev-test environment of the application. ## Requirements - Node.js - npm - MySQL - Prisma - React ## Installation & Usage Clone the repository: ```bash git clone ``` Navigate to the project directory: ```bash cd FreeFlow ``` Install dependencies in each respective directories: ```bash npm install ``` Configure environment variables: Create a .env file in the root directory. - Define the required environment variables. (DATABASE_URL="mysql://dbuser:passwd@ip:3306/freeflow") - Refer to .env.example for guidance. Optionally, populate the database with toy data: ```bash # npx prisma migrate dev # node populate_prisma.js ``` Start the application: ```bash node index.js ``` Visit http://localhost:12000 in your browser. Feel free to extend it to your deployment solution or other means of serving the application to a wider audience. ## Contribuiting We welcome contributions from the community! To contribute to **FreeFlow**, follow these steps: Fork the repository. Create a new branch for your feature or bug fix. Make your changes and commit them with descriptive messages. Push your changes to your fork. Submit a pull request with a detailed description to this repo. **And thank you!** We will look forward to implementing your changes. ## License **FreeFlow** is software released under the **GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL)** , you can learn more about it [here](