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说明:  idea3a,idea3b,idea3c加密算法
(idea3a,idea3b and idea3c encrypting algorithms)

idea3.txt (6236, 1996-10-06)
idea3a.asm (12912, 1996-09-18) (503, 1996-09-18)
idea3b.asm (12900, 1996-09-16) (532, 1996-09-16)
idea3c.asm (13799, 1996-09-16) (597, 1996-09-16)
readme.txt (2989, 1996-10-06)

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- To decrypt the documentation, follow these instructions: 1. At the DOS prompt, enter: IDEA3A - IDEA3.TXT 2. Enter key: TinyIDEA 3. Check that the documentation decrypted correctly. If the documentation did not decrypt correctly, then unzip the original IDEA3.TXT file again, and retry using the IDEA3B program. If it still does not work, then do not use this software. These steps are a precaution, to verify that tiny IDEA will run correctly on your system. There are three versions of tiny IDEA included in this package: A. Smallest version of tiny IDEA, designed to fit within one disk sector. This version is very highly optimized. B. The standard version of tiny IDEA. This one has a few safety features, mainly to maintain compatibility for other operating systems (in the unlikely event that version A will not work). C. This version will prompt for the passphrase twice, and will not display the passphrase as it is typed. All three versions of tiny IDEA in this package are functionally equivalent and will correctly decrypt files encrypted by each other. It is recommended that you test all three versions, decide which one you prefer, and copy it to your utilities directory as IDEA.COM. The documentation assumes you have already done this. If you have not, then remember that when the IDEA program is mentioned in the documentation, it is referring to any of the programs IDEA3A, IDEA3B, or IDEA3C. Due to the strength of the encryption algorithm, the author disclaims all responsibilities for the use or misuse of this software. You are warned that files encrypted with this program will not be recoverable without the correct key. The MD5 checksums for the files in this archive are included. To verify the integrity of the files, use the md5sum program which is included in the PGP distribution. The command line usage is: md5sum -vc readme.txt My PGP public key, which is required to verify the signature on this file, is available from my Home Page and also from keyservers. 3dfbf3542908ec440a05e2086bd2e45e *idea3.txt 975f20532ce6f55b232a7609412aec38 *idea3a.asm dc365cf384e5c30c530c4dc40ebee2d5 * c9fdfe3e71ec086eb5691b17eb06273a *idea3b.asm 491cd1da972d58bef969a2da9e2fe3e6 * 9936c9286d26d2274fc8c966dc663a5d *idea3c.asm 63ea02787fb376ad54bea9953904e51f * ====================================================== Fauzan Mirza Department of Computer Science Royal Holloway, Univ of London ====================================================== -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2i iQCVAwUBMlhGnCEYjO9Y93llAQFa0wP/YfoxSSMXJQpTQLRgrmA6JNy7/DkIljTk 4DcQ2jgaptR4Yng6QclBXNeHMN6G3vOH+KiZSk30tp5e9YJ/fJ77IgyMjGaWMOSm gpfztVXagQTtOSfYeBSw+5xGSgFNh0blCUiB6Xop+lgA8lghZnAOT5EdDNNPmWuU fOVaHTq7uVk= =/Vzf -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----