开发工具:Visual C++
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说明:  将任何一个exe文件压缩,压缩后生成的文件为windows执行文件
(Compress any exe file, and transfer it to a windows executeable file after compressing)

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CExe - A tool for creating compressed executables Description ----------- CExe Executable Compressor Compress any executable! With CExe, you can compress any executable and make it significantly smaller and still fully functional. This is useful for sending executables in email, downloading executables over the net, fitting executables on floppies, etc. CExe can compress Win32 executables, Win16 executables, OS/2 executables, WinNT Posix executables... the output format is *always* Win32 executable format. CExe has 2 compressors built into it, and picks the one that makes the result the smallest. For smaller files, it uses LZExpand to decompress, which is part of Windows. For larger files (.exe files are usually large!), it uses the free and incredibly useful ZLib Library for decompression. In the case of using ZLib, the decompressor itself is decompressed using LZExpand and then used, resulting in a smaller overall compressed file size. NOTE: The resulting compressed executables run on any platform, however at this time the CExe tool itself runs on NT only - if someone were willing to write resource writing code it would be working on Win95/*** too (the BeginUpdateResource()... apis aren't implemented on Win95/***). The compressed executables it creates work on any Windows platform. Here are some results: Program Old size (bytes) New size (bytes) Percent Savings mspaint.exe 339728 170496 49.81% excel.exe 5604624 3492352 37.69% winhlp32.exe 311056 178688 42.55% sort.exe 24848 14848 40.24% winver.exe 20752 12800 38.32% sw***.exe 124416 50688 59.26% In the spirit of the fantastic & free ZLib, and the fact that there are so many non-free exe compressors on the market, I am making cexe freely available. CExe is a free utility, covered by the Gnu Public License. The gnu public license is at: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html Please contribute to CExe so the Windows community can benefit! Read the "Wish List" section for more info. How it works ------------ CExe reads in a given .exe, compresses it, then attaches that compressed result as a resource to a very small decompressor .exe (called dexe.exe), renames the file appropriately, and also copies over the icon that was on the original (if there is one). When the compressed .exe is run, you are actually launching a version of dexe.exe, which decompresses the compressed resource into a temporary file, then launches this temp file with the command line parameters given to dexe. Dexe waits for the target executable to return, then deletes the temp file and returns the right result code. CExe is built to allow additinal compressors to be installed into it. You just need to implement the Compressor interface (look at cexe.h). CExe tries all the compressors that are installed, and chooses the compressor that gives the best results on the input file. This size comparison includes the size of the decompressor that needs to be bundled as part of dexe.exe. The Files and Projects ---------------------- CExe is the master program that controls how the compression process progresses. ZLib inflate is a project that builds a .dll that is used as the decompressor for zlib compressed executables. CExe stuffs this .dll into dexe.exe during the compression process if the zlib compressor is chosen. ZLib deflate is the project that builds a zlib compressing executable. CExe uses this as part of its compression process. DExe is the decompressor. It decompresses its resource based payload, executes it, and returns the result code (as described above). CExe's job is to figure out which compressor to use, then write out a custom DExe with the right resources attached. All projects are VC++ 6.0 projects. Also note that the CExe project already has already compiled versions o ... ...