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bmpread.m (4353, 1997-07-30)
wrimage.m (1790, 1997-08-14)
Transmit.m (7217, 1997-08-12)
subsamp.m (2029, 1997-10-01)
stdmean.m (1302, 1997-10-01)
settings.m (8568, 1999-04-15)
receive.m (7113, 1997-10-18)
Readme.txt (1360, 1999-04-15)
rdimage.m (2624, 1997-08-14)
rddatatx.m (2624, 1999-04-15)
imagetx.m (7277, 1999-04-15)
imagerx.m (8147, 1999-04-15)
genrand.m (672, 1997-08-12)
Fish3.bmp (76246, 1997-08-16)
Fish2.bmp (17078, 1997-08-13)
Fish.bmp (7478, 1997-08-03)
findfrm.m (1858, 1999-04-15)
Dc-x.jpg (6029, 1997-08-13)
Corrs11.wav (47884, 1997-10-17)
convbase.m (1756, 1997-10-18)
chanwav.m (474, 1997-10-18)
Channel.m (2492, 1999-04-15)
calcerr.m (1242, 1997-06-18)
bmpwrite.m (2405, 1997-07-30)
zerohold.m (866, 1997-08-03)

This simulation script set allows for an OFDM transmission to be simulated. Imagetx.m generates the OFDM signal, saving it as a windows WAV file. This allows the OFDM signal to be played out a sound card and recorded back. Imagerx.m decodes the WAV to extract the data. settings.m contains all the common settings to specify all the simulation parameters such as FFT size, number of carriers, input data source file, input and output WAV files, etc. See settings.m for more details. Note: The both the receiver and transmitter must have a copy of the input data file, as this is used for calculating the exact number of data words in the transmission. This is done automatically using rddatatx. The scripts should work as extracted. Just run imagetx.m to generate the OFDM signal. Then run imagerx.m to decode the signal. The initial settings transmit a wave file 'Corrs.wav'. The decoded OFDM data ('Out.wav') can be compared with the original data by listening to the two wave files. You also try changing the DataType from 1-4. I have test each of these. This script set has been upgraded to run in matlab 5.3, however there may still be quite a few bugs. It has also been tested in matlab 5.1 Eric Lawrey April 1999. eng-epl@jcu.edu.au James Cook University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Australia